Save Tigers Contest

Okay folks! We all know, we need to save tigers – that’s why you are at this website. We hope all of you have now become aware of the various things you can do to save tigers. Many of you may also be having some more ideas. Most of you comment that the numbers are down and we got to save tigers – but, we all already know that. Right!

So, let’s stop wasting time and get productive. Don your thinking caps and let the creative juices flow. Got an idea, or a strategy? Shoot it across. Got some data and analysis – share it.

We are rewarding the best entries with:
1 book on tiger conservation;
10 t-shirts;
100 caps.

That’s 111 prizes to be won! Send in as many entries as you can think and create. Use the contact-us page to send your entries and remember to join our mailing list to get updates on this and other contests.

The entries will be judged by a panel of eminent persons and authorities related to wildlife and tiger conservation.

Please note that the ideas should be legal, non-destructive, reasonable, practical and agreeable to all stakeholders right from the forest denizens (including our dear Tiger) to the world community.

This contest open until September 30, 2010. Winners will be announced during wildlife week starting October 2, 2010.

20 thoughts on “Save Tigers Contest”

  1. INDIA makes us feel proud and at the same time tigers are one such element which makes us feel proud , just a little left i want to show tigers to my next generation live not a pic that these are tigers

    so save tigers

  2. saving tiger is our responsibilty infact its our duty to tat b’cause wen v save tiger v save our mother earth and wen v save our mother earth v r saved….hence all the folks “SAVE TIGERS AND SAVE URSELVES”

  3. Before world was having more flora and fauna than buildings,but today because of humans greed he destroyed them and those who lived in them and even started to kill them. Because of that many wildlife species like the tiger has been shorlisted today. Plz save the wild animals and the forest. Save tigers Save nature

  4. Tigers tiger burning and dieing bright we will not let you fade
    out of the sight that is my promise and for u we will fight.
    dont kill tigers… only few are left, dont kill tigers….because they are the best…………………………………………………….

  5. Tiger is our national animal we all to try for success save tiger operation .

  6. Tiger is our nation animal so it is our duty to save it..and save our eco system..

  7. Animal play important role to manage our eco-system so saving tiger is our responsibility and it is our national animal also so it is our duty also :-))

  8. please send me free sample on below mention address

    …address and phone number removed by editor…

    1. LOL. Dear Vijay… you need to contribute something on this website or send us document about any activity you did towards save tigers campaign.

  9. tiger is the natinal animal of our country we should take pledge of “save tigers”

  10. me and my friend are going to places and asking from peoples that do u want to save tigers and writing trheir names and signatures…………

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