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We are a group of non-governmental non-profit conservationists and interact closely with and actively support the tiger conservation activities of government agencies as well as non-government organizations.

This website is a weblog of information and activities to save tigers. Interested entities are welcome to actively take part in discussions and submit their opinions. Though we are not related to any government or private agency, we follow the principles and guidelines issued by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, India and the tenets of the Project Tiger, India.

We are very grateful to Animail.com who preserved this domain name and transferred to us for a very generous consideration. Animail.com is giving away conservation related domain names to interested genuine entities to use the domain names for furthering conservation efforts.

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  1. i think we human beings lost our brain. we produced plenty of population and medicines to live longer,creating burden to the world but don

  2. what is the part we the people showing concern for the safety and longevity of our Indian national animal, the Tiger have tp do.

    1. Hi All,

      We are slightly overwhelmed with the comments on a single day all of a sudden, after the site has been up for a few months.

      Sridhar has put up a noteworthy query. We have this to say for starters – let us, each of us, sensitize people around us towards the need for conservation of not only the Tiger, but all forms of life and nature. And this activity shouldn’t be done as routine or at pre-ordained times, but should be done continuously to the extent that all communication should be veered around to conservation. Discussing business – push in some conservation small talk; Buying groceries – sensitize the grocer; Chatting with friend – chat up something on wildlife. Over and above all – sensitize children, the future citizens!

      More later.

  3. We should make the forestry department more strenthen and stronger.thereby we can save the tigers from the culprits.making awareness among the people those who are residing and using the forest for agriculture

  4. Hi
    dear all we shuld work and aware people for the conservation of the tigers and their value in forest and the forest value in our life.
    Tiger = Forest = We

  5. The government should take the essetial step to save the tigers,———————————————— they can appoint a very good officers in the region where the tigers are still alive. hates off to save tigers organisation

  6. Of all the big cats, Tiger is the most elegant one. As tiger is at the top of the food chain it plays a vital role in an ecosystem by constantly checking the numbers of herbivorous population and thereby maintaining a balance. Healthier the tiger population, healthier the ecosystem would be. So well being of tiger population is essential and should be preserved at all costs. Main problem faced today by tigers is habitat destruction. Strict laws should be enforced to protect their habitats.

  7. i dnt think that just writing away on blogs will do any good….something more concrete needs to be done…

    1. @alka

      We agree – action is needed. But writing is equally important to bring awareness to take action.

  8. Let us restart the struggle for the survival of our tigers…let us all roar for the big cat which is indeed a symbol of our national pride…May God bless us..

  9. we must save tigers….

    I agree with you that writing is important to bring awareness to take action.
    but if we can make some action plan to save tigers than it will be very good.

    If you have any suggestion or action plan than write it in blog so every one can try to contribute in this TIGERS SAVING MISSION.

    Jayesh Vasoya

  10. Save tiger-it is inational shame.bcz we failled to protect our national animal.alrdy we lost number of species,today tiger tomorow what?so first conserve forest ,then automatically evrythng will b saved.

  11. Let the tigers populate in this world as like us or else we would miss them very soon

  12. It’s a humble request to each and every human-being “Do something to save the tigers of our country”

  13. Its never too late “We the youth of India should come together to save tigers of our contry”

  14. I am all in for any work or contribution towards any project related to saving tigers… can you let us know what people like us can contribute towards…



    M very thankful to the dio who all are putting their efforts and trying every ”tooth and nail” to maintain the existence of this natural big cat….

  16. i truly agree when India is growing in population considerably then why is it declining in case of wildlife!! I strongly believe it is a matter of concern but at the same time i feel so helpless that i am able to do nothing. would just writing blogs or messaging help??, we need to take a firm step and do something concrete. and i believe its not the educated class that kills them it the people living in those areas and the uneducated poachers who are killing them for illegal business! we need to spread awareness!!
    I would like to help on every way i can!!

  17. it appears in this machenised world we have forgotten the existance of other animals specially THE TIGERS.In our way to development we have taken too much out from nature, but now it’s the time to pay off back to mother nature which can only be done by reforestation and by saving out the endangered species specially THE BIG CATS.i would be too happy to contribute in any way!!

  18. i think we need to take steps on a lot many things..and one of them is this..lets come togather and save some living species…

  19. We should take an oath to save our forest resources, plant more trees. I am sure if we give them their own space to survive we will definitely find a solution to this

  20. If people dont save this beautiful creature today; there kids will be missing something tomorrow

  21. Please save tigers they are the beauty of nature. Please take preventive measures and support of government in there protection and also funds in their maintenance.

    If you require any additional support, please let India know how to register in your website and would have million people in protection of National Animal.

  22. Hi all nature loving people, we should take initiative for save our loss animal castes or forest, we should be save our nature beauty. I think we need to aware all nation for save our beauty. I am ready and you ?

  23. time has come to do something for them and our mother nature. we should understand saving tigers and mother nature ,will save human race.

  24. Please lets join our hands in saving our ” National Animal”. I wish the whole India thinks the same.

    Lets protect Tigers it should not happen our next generation sees them on books or in a movie( like Dinosaurs).

  25. Dear Frenz,
    Great job done by all of you. After getting the news that only 1411 Tigers alive in india, i think its not the time to say “ALL IS WELL”. i think some people think about any concered matter but u all not only think but also took steps towards to solv the matter. that’s a great thing.

    so all my Heartiest wishes to u and all those forwarding their hands to help u.

  26. I have read all Blogs… its like i am still HELPLESS….

    I want to screeeeeeem Please SAVE OUR TIGERS…. They are OUR TIGERS, our INDIAN TIGERS and still we are HELPLESS…

    Its shameful….:-(

    Just now i have discussed it with my collegues and we were quite for few minutes…. i am sure they will surely put their views very soon….

  27. We should work together to save our national pride. Tiger is one of the animal which represent our country.It is an important and and immediate step is required to protect our national animal.






  29. please please. they are our national pride. save them. govt should take some precautionary measures. it is the political & bureaucrat will, which can protect them.

  30. Its high time Government of India should wake up from its deep slumber over the saving of tigers.Project Tiger initiative of the Government Of India has failed miserably and has done very little towards saving tigers in India.The convenient reason cited for its failure is that the FOREST being a subject under the STATE LIST and fallls under the purview of State Government and the States are resp[onsible for the implementation of all the progects,rules, regulations,policies etc. I think its time Central Government Should revisit the State List of Subjects and put the Forest in the UNION LIST if it genuinely feels that this will help in better conservation and saving of Tigers in India. With only 1411Tigers left ,situation is quite serious and grave and immediate concrete action is desperately needed. Governments,NGOs, Corporates, individuals must ACT NOW or else a day is not far when we will be telling our kids “That ones upon a time there lived an animal called TIGER in a place Called JUNGLE…..”

  31. Hi all,we should take initiative for save our beautiful animal, we have to take very strong and desceplinary actions against pochers.Because anything can be possible only by desiplinary actions,Please let us know what we can do,i am always ready to help Animals.

  32. @admin
    I am agree that writing is as equal to action,but the limit and time has already crossed much,what you think about the pochers .Are they in a positon to undrstand anything except killing of our brave tigers.
    Please let us know for any action needed.
    we have to take action as fast as possible otherwise by next year these pochers will clean all tigers from jungle.

  33. Just talking about it wont help the issue. The protection and well being of our animals needs full focus at each step. Its the goverment the decision maker who can actually bring the difference by alloting the requiste budget. So catch the govenment to relieve our species

  34. Hello Tiger Lovers,

    We all MUST save our tigers; our valued treasure for sake of our own future & to keep this globe reall balanced. Every creature on this planet has fundamental right to live & we should not deprive it for our ill-intentions. DO OUR BEST to SAVE TIGERS!

  35. Yes, please do divert NH7 for saving forest and animals living inside as we cant change whole world, but at least can take initiative from our home in saving our national animal. We all are created by nature, though only man has become so selfish that he thinks only about his comforts and conveniences. We live in the nature where every life created by it has been given equal right to live its life. And of course naturally created life must be given freedom to live their lives. So. let every life live like happiest life on the earth by giving freedom of joy in their home wether its forest or river or mountain or sea.

  36. plz plz save the tiger the tiger is our forest life. when if not a tiger in the forest then is not a forest. i have decieded that i have create a new own organisation for Tiger & Leopard Cats. because our areas tiger & leopard day by day his decreases. so i request to all of you that plz save him & if r u help that save tiger & leopard cats. so plz contact me. my e-mail amol_jdusane@rediffmail.com

  37. Hi,

    I Would like to join the SAVE TIGER PROJECT

    Could any one assist me that how can i enroll

    I live in PUNE. If possible provide me SOME OTHER ORGANISATIONS

    my Email id is akhilesh7486@gmail.com


  38. Dear Tigers,

    we all are responsible for great loss,

    its high time to save you or we are dead, mankind please stop destroying forests!
    we all need to strengthen the movement ” Save Tigers”, Please take active part in all the activities need to do to’ save tigers save earth’

  39. hi,

    Dear Tiger lovers

    i wish to join the movement and would like to take active part to save tigers

    today they are 1411 only! lets aim for 5000 in 5 years

    my mail id is nitinbr9@yahoo.co.in

  40. Hi…im Shraddha ,
    from Nagpur,Maharashtra …..
    i m really happy to write this mail toward saving tigers….time has came to do something for them.. why this species r going in critical condition???coz of human, unbalances process…we r responsible for everything…but now we realized our mistake…. this is really appreciable job to do towards our national animal ,i would like to join “SAVE TIGER PROJECT….”

    BEST OF LUCK………:_)

  41. By writing blogs we can aware educated people about Tiger.Pls note educated people. which very less as compared to over all population of India.

    Writing Blogs is not sufficient , In my opinion
    1) We aware school children , they are our future
    2) Go to villages and aware people .
    3) Organize camps
    Action speaks louder than words……….

  42. Yes this is the time for action and it is the good objective to save our national animals.What is the government and we public doing ?

  43. Time to save our Tigers………………..If not it is just shame on our part to be a human beings, Our government comes with alot of policy’s that benefits our people.But what about other living creatures.
    Let government come with a new policy like “5 year plan”for the development of tiger population and instead of creating a separate statesfor us .Lets make a separate conserved forestal states which will help the growth of our tigers population & must adopt a very strict rules,who ever disturb the wild animals must be hanged…………No more excuses

  44. Save tigers…….
    Government is not going to do anything to save tigers till some pressure of our people wont come on them, its due to all corruption and all…….
    its what we have to do by preserving trees and forests and opposing to pochers at any cost.
    this poching is only due to less source of earning of the people which are living near all tiger reserves and they are getting much more from the pochers, so its need to educate them about saving tigers and by helping them in any way.

    1. @ashwin patil
      The point you make about the poachers giving more benefit to the forest fringe dwellers is definitely one of the major reasons and concerned agencies are working to counter this. We should actively participate in educating such people and see that they are weaned away from the temptation of easy money. Easy money is a major ill of the whole society and is the toughest nut to crack. That’s what we bloggers are supposed to do. Highlight the good and the bad and form public opinions.

    1. @Neha Sinha
      First of all don’t say “your” but “our”. This is a non-profit activity open to everyone. We should visit forest areas, tiger reserve buffer areas and educate people, show them means of livelihood. You do not have to spend money for this. Just mobilize a group of like-minded friends and make this kind of visits a past-time activity. When you think of a picnic or a movie show next time, try replacing that with a visit to the nearest forest area.

  45. The problem with our country is that we have always neglected the “ANIMALS” and always being SELFISH to give importance to only ourselves.Thanks to the organization for spreading the awareness about the increasing Threat to our Tigers, or else we would have one day woke up to find that “OUR” Tigers have become EXTINCT……
    Though it has been mentioned that it does NOT pertain to Killing but it is related to Deforestation, still the primary reason should always be a Concern and should not be NEGLECTED.

    First of all We must start educating the Villages in India who majorly influence the Forest areas.Rather than the Metro cities the Rural places needs to be educated for the same.

    Govt must curb the people from dwelling in the forest regions.As they say “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS”, so kindly let me know what are my responsibilities for this Mission instead of writing Blogs n wasting TIME.I Feel pity for ourselves as we have stopped being HUMANE in nature.

    We falsely and very proudly say that we are concerned for our increasing population and especially the Weaker section of the society but has the Govt at least managed to fulfill this with respect to humans????? Saving Tigers is much more Important task which needs to be prioritized by ONE and ALL!!!!!!

    As far as possible the awareness must be created through all means of communication.We always show Sympathy towards the poor in need but does this mean that we need to NEGLECT our Animals especially TIGERS just because they cannot express their views or they cannot SPEAK?????

    We cannot see GOD but still we Believe in him, Right????? then when we can see our tigers in PAIN how can we be Blind towards them???? It’s high time, we need to take some actions and make some moves.

    I humbly request all those reading this to PLEASE be the VOICE of our tigers and help them be a part of our lives.

    Please let me know if there is any financial help required, I truly want to be a part of this project……….. Please Help


    1. @Arati

      “Writing Blogs” is NOT “wasting TIME”. It is because a blog is or blogs are being written that common opinion is being mobilized. We have suggested a few “things to do” in some comments over the past few days, and in a post “What to do?” dated 13-Feb-2010. We will frequently add more “things to do”. It will be an ongoing activity.


      No single group or team can do all the work. So, a website or a blog is useful to foster many such groups. If you have money to spare, instead of giving it away or spending on luxuries, form your own conservation society. Follow the “things to do” tag for ideas on direct or indirect activities to save tigers.

      We will succeed. ?? ????? ??????!

  46. Hi All,

    Can any one of bolg let me know what can I do to save tiger. I daily see addvertisement in TV and want to save our Tigers.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Priti Detroja

  47. Save our trees and tigers,tiger is our national animal,we should not kill tigers and save forest from Neel Akolkar

  48. To save tigers first we should save the nature. So, save forest save wildlife save tiger save human life.

    1. @Ranjeet Badhe

      Please follow our blog and note the post, comments and replies to comments with the tags “things to do” or “what to do”.

  49. it was very much trgedious thing that such a royal species of animal get vanished. According to me if cant do anything now this species surely get vanished from earth. i promise that in any condition i will save tigers at any coast.

  50. i am rajeev and i love tiger still do not know the reason why they dying and who is responsible and why guilt not been punished hard.how this south africa people been so successful to take care of there all national park.are they much talanted and dedicated

    1. @rajeev yadav

      For one, Africa’s national parks are having huge areas, much more than in India’s parks. Also, they have lesser population and so lesser pressure on natural resources. The single biggest contribution a common person can do is to stop consuming products that directly or indirectly contribute in destruction of forest cover. The dwindling forest cover is the single most important reason for the reduction in tiger population.

  51. I hereby to say some words on to save tigers.As our India national animal is Tiger we are in a situation to save our tigers population.We have to protect the tigers in the jungle should keep many miltary peoples to secure the tiger jungles.Save tigers is to save our India.So please give hands to save our Indian tigers.

  52. I’m very much wild life lover & I visit Gir forest very frequently.
    I have only one thing to say.
    If you want people to stop killing wild & enocent animals, Shoot few pochers, rest will stop automotaticly in fear of deth………

    1. @Niju Padia

      We empathize with your feelings, but certainly do not advocate taking law into own hands.

  53. first of all we need to respect them and we need to dedicate ourselves into it and can i know how to be a member of this project please

    1. @Prateek

      You are already a member if you follow our blog regularly. Just spread awareness about saving nature and endangered animals.

  54. we can protected them by ristriction of hunting and by proper use of governments right

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