2 thoughts on “Padma Shri for Dr Ullas Karanth”

  1. The Tiger India’s National Animal needs to be conserved and saved from getting extinct. Poaching of our national animal should be put an end to and the Government of India should enact stringent laws to save this animal from extinction. The citizens of this country can help by avoiding wearing of ornaments made of the tiger’s tooth, stop purchase of tiger skin as this encourages poaching. Adoption of animals in the zoo can be yet another way of contributing towards saving the tiger. Dr Ullas Karanth is simply the beginning we have a long way to go.

    1. @Manoj Joshi

      A zoo is nothing but a jail! I personally am strongly inclined against the very concept of a zoo. And more-so, adopting a denizen of a zoo? The (or any) zoo is already well funded by the government/local authority. I would rather adopt a child of a poor human denizen of the fringe areas of a forest who could otherwise grow up insensitive to the ecological balance of his/her environs, and who might, due to ignorance, knowingly or unknowingly harm the forests and its denizens.

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