A Pledge for Wildlife Conservation

Redeeming Our Pledge for Wildlife Conservation, was originally published in the print edition of Central Chronicle of Bhopal on September 30, 2010. Read the full article reproduced here at SaveTigers.com, with the author Dr. Rakesh Shukla’s permission.

Dr. Rakesh Shukla is a wildlife research officer in the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department and is currently based in Kanha Tiger Reserve. He is a winner of the ABN-AMRO Sanctuary award.

The royal splendour of a Tiger at Kanha National Park. Photo by Sudhir Mishra, FRO.
Are we gonna give this royal splendour a chance to survive? A Tiger at Kanha National Park, photographed by Sudhir Mishra, FRO.

13 thoughts on “A Pledge for Wildlife Conservation”

  1. Please join hands and make efforts as u can and let the beautiful creation survive.Save Tigers Save Planet..

  2. please join hands and make a little bit of efforts as much as you can do to save our wildlife

    1. @Ankit

      Your other comment about the killing of man-eater tiger(s) at Corbett Park is kept under moderation because we need some credible source for the report. Could you please refer us to any print news about this issue?


  3. HALLO Every one. I hope I am on the right site, Please i need all your help. I am the native of Jim Corbett National Park.
    Big Shame For Corbett Park Administration:-
    Corbett Park is one of the most popular destinations in India. But I am ashamed to say that forest officials here are taking the aid of untrained Police Officers to kill man-eaters.And very sad to say that AK-47 is being used for killing Man Eaters. 80 rounds were fired for killing the tiger.
    (((UNFORTUNATELY TIGER KILLED BY COPS WAS NOT THE MAN EATER- this has become clear after the Postmortem reports.The report says” deer’s parts were also found in its stomach”)))).It means they are unnecessarily killing Tigers. How could they use AK 47 for tigers,, they are not terrorists and if these untrained and unskilled so called hunters keep on shooting the wrong tigers in the chase of man eaters then i am sure the glory days of the corbett park are not going to last long since tigers are the most crucial attraction of the place………please raise your voice to save these beautiful creations of nature! ! Hardly 1000 left.

    DR. Rakesh Shukla, if u can please try your best in taking some strict actions these forest officers.
    Every one out there, We have to make it a national issue. What shall I do? please comment. I need your help.

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  6. tigers are creatures with with not less than 100 special features. dont let them swept way.

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