5 thoughts on “Saving Sher Khan”

  1. I am a Sftwr. Engineer in Department of Sheep Husbandry Jammu and Kashmir ( place : South Kashmir Pulwama) last 2 years our District Loss 4 Baloo, 3 tigers, and many other wild life animals. Public kill them all animals becs. ( give the solvetion for mantivate people.)

  2. sssii really love tigers an lot but i cant adopt a tiger because we r middle class people so i suggest atleast some rich people to adopt tigers

    1. @kavya vyshnavi

      It’s a very misconceived notion that one needs to adopt a tiger to save tigers! And celebrities and well known people are “adopting” zoo tigers! The animals in the zoo are already well taken care of with the funds allocated by the government. What we really need to do to save tigers is to preserve and possibly enrich the biosphere (increase the forest cover).

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