12 thoughts on “Save Tigers contest to come soon”

  1. I ve a picture of tiger taken from bannerghatta forest,karnataka.wanna post in this website..how to do it..pls reply to my mail id

  2. I m a nature lover and without tigers the forest looks like neckless without gems.my thinking is this whats yours

  3. Tiger hamare desh ki shaan hai.kisi time mein tiger india ki pehchan the.aaj tiger khatam hone wale hai.kal ko kisi aur animal ki bari aa jayegi.aakhir humare hote aisa kyu hota hai.kyu hum apne desh ki drohar ko bachane mein kamyaab nahi ho pa rahe.plz indians sab ek saath aage aao aur tiger ko bachane ki shapath lo.jai hind

  4. Dear Friends,
    My nature lovers. How u imagine to save the nature? only few 1-10% people are thinking to save, others are acting, making money in the name of the environment, tigers etc. Not in message come on constructive way to do something. People are telling about the environment, but are using the car, as well as thinking about tigers but does not avoid to use leather materials. It is just like the crocodile tear. Please think inside ur heart. Thanks, Pradeepta…..

  5. i love tigers but they are being finished i will come ahead to save our tigers i request to all indians as well as whole world to save tigers

  6. My name is Anurag Rawal i love tigers because they are the life of INDIA PLEASE SAVE TIGERS ??? FOR US FOR INDIA

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