Save Trees to Save Tigers

Let the trees flourish and tigers will save themselves.

We read somewhere in the news that an educational institution spent INR 100,000 (around US$ 2,275) to adopt a tiger in a zoo for an year. First of all, a zoo is a very wrong place for a tiger to be in. Secondly, a zoo has funds allocated already to take care of the national animal.

We would rather this amount was spent on adopting trees in the villages. Each student of that school could have adopted a tree. You could adopt a tree and then look after it like your own child. Form a group and go to villages and forest fringe areas to educate people about saving nature to save tigers. Motivate the village folks, especially children for adopting trees in partnership with your group. Your group could provide moral support and other incentives to that person or child on the spot, who will actually save the tree.

You know, if you or your group have sufficient resources, you could even buy a piece of land and setup a plantation in partnership with the local folks. Why we are stressing partnership with local folks is that they are the ones who will ensure protection to the trees. Saving the trees will in turn save tigers.

23 thoughts on “Save Trees to Save Tigers”

  1. Kindly please tell me how we can help the national animal to servive we have to save tiger at any cost………

  2. save the forests as well to save the trees……… that leads to protect wild animals……………………!

  3. pailese hi muje animals se bahut pyar hai , aaj kal hum insaan log jungle lonko todkar unke(jungle) ghar ko ujadiya hai, hum insaan matalabi Bangaye hai, apne swarth keliye unko ghar se Beghar kiya hi nahi ,unka shikar bhi karne lage hai, koi to aise community Bane jisme sab ke bhare me soche,sab ka bala ho jaye……

  4. Its very serious matter,there are only 1411 tigers in India or may be less than,we are thankful to the websites like which creates awareness to our youth,but 1 question arises…how can we help our tigers?are there any indirect methods?

  5. today saving tigers is more neccassary than saving humans lives as there is no lack of human population and all are ruined but all tigers are very sweet and need our help
    do something now get ready for results

  6. to save tigers, first we need to save forest first…save tigers yaar. Hum apne profit ya enjoyment ke liye unko kyo mar rahe indian TIGERS..Thanks

  7. Its very serious issue we facing now only 1411 tigers left , this will effect us indirectly and also imbalance in nature , so please plant trees and stop hunting tigers, lets give a good presentation to our next generation

  8. we shud join our hands to save tigers…….. after all they r our national animal……….. their r only 1411 tigers leaf in India…….. human start killing not only tigers also other animals just for their GREED and also started cutting trees just for more land……… SAVE PAPER, SAVE TREES, SAVE ANIMALS……….

  9. I love tigers .. There r 1411 tigers r left so pls save our national animal tiger…..

  10. I being An INDIAN, i love TIGERS as our national animal and d natures beauty that is TREES which are very useful so let us come 2 gether and join hands 2 SAVE TIGERS AND TREES pl. do alteast 1 job as a INDIAN that would be benifitical 2 us friends.

  11. u knw wht tigers toh ab khatam hone wale hai
    so dnt save tigers
    ha ha ha ha ha
    ab bachake kya fayda
    janeeee dooooo yaarrrrrr…!!!!!!!


      You know, your comment is really very frightening and possibly true!

  12. Tiger is our National Animal…So we need to Save tigers…..Govt. should take some serious step towards proctecting tigers…….

  13. Hi,

    Trees took major contribution while making daily news papers and monthly magazine. We really want to show support to reading online news paper. So that we can save trees and it will helpful to avoid global warming.

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