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  1. hi i am realy happy that u guys are trying to save tigers i think that by spreading this massage and by being serious about it and by taking an wonderfullaction on how to save tgers .

  2. I am from West Bengal. The forest named “Sundar Bon.” is situated here. There many tigers. They are biggest tiger of the world. They are glory of our contry INDIA. We should not kill the tiger. We should save the tigers. They are king of the forest.

  3. Tigers are our national animal we need to protect them.If we are not able to save them than our next genereation will not be able to see that great animal.It’s a great step by us to spread awareness across globe.

  4. hi this is sreehar tiger is the national animal of india our indians are of having such a great strength like tiger so plz plz plz understood and make our indians to be proud

  5. This is Gauri=Tigers are well known for their strength and power.
    Tigers, in my opinion, are some of the most beautiful and powerful animals in the world.They are king of thr forest.So please save the Tigers.

  6. save our national animal (TIGER).
    Becouse tiger is save forest , forest is save invoirment and inviorment is save our life so please save tigers

  7. I think this is a great step towards saving our national symbol and a precious wild animal-“Tiger”.We should be more and more aware of this fact that if Killing of wild amimals like “Tigers” will impact human beings only in long run.
    More and more awareness must be spread specially in both rural and urban areas.

    I hope such efforts will save Tigers !!!

  8. Iam really very happy to join Save Tigers. Because Tigers are our National animal as we all are citizens af INDIA its our duty to save our Tigers. People who have already joined hats off to them.

  9. please……………please SAVE OUR TIGERS it is our national animal
    and I am very happy to join Save Tigers

  10. i think its pretty high time that we wake up and work together towards saving this beautiful and magnificient animal on this planet. It’s a great step towards the same making people aware of what we are goin to loose in the future which the comin generations won’t be able to see if the task we have taken up is not a success. it needs participation from all. lets come together and save this wonderful specie.

  11. greeting to every1….., i want to tell onething. i love tiger as like my mom. people says in our country we’ve 1411. but i got this news few years back. what’s this? friends as i want to tell in our country there’s no proper tracking census. so pls try to clear by taking census and saving our national pet.

    if u save the TIGER,you can save the EARTH, if u save the EARTH, u can save ua LIFE, if u save ua LIFE, u can save ua FAMILY….!


  12. Hi i m nirmal from mumbai..dis msg is to convey dat we r not doing any thing to save our national animal but v can atleast support the one who has taken the initiative…plz wake up now and cum ahead to save tigers

  13. The tiger very most important to us these are selected. Our responsibilty we save tiger. because we love Tigers

  14. Hi, guys u all r trying to save the tigers endangered in INDIA and in the whole world.
    I sometimes ago go through the post of admin, i.e. the tiger theme of FIREFOX—-it’s cool and i want u guys make some themes about saving tigers and just spread it throughout the internet.
    But first of all u gotta maintain some hard and first rules which is not only important for us but all for the tigers.
    1. We will going to cut off luxuries as much as we can.Why? Bcoz if we cut off all these luxuries then the industries supplies the things for living in luxury will going to decrease. And naturally, the more the development decreases, the less the deforestation takes place.
    2. We will try our best to keep our environment clean and pollution-free. As a result of which there will be less CO, CFCs(chloroflurocarbons) in the air, and thus the ozone layer will get less depleted. Hence, the ultraviolet rays from sun will not going to affect the green world of us. It will also results to the less formation of acid rain and frequent climatic changes.
    3. Plant a tree everyday to bring back what we had lost and to secure our future, i mean the natural world. The more u plant tree, the more the air gets pollution-free and as a result of which the tigers feel fit to live in.
    4. Ethical value—-We r the children of GOD so as the tigers. So we don’t have to kill them rather to save them from disasters.


  15. to all cowards ( poachers and users of tiger products)
    Try to face the tiger with bare hands. to be frank a healty tiger is so majestic, he shall never attack a human. A tiger never attacks any animal unless he is hungry. it is only humans who are greedy.
    Save Tigers .save animals and forests.

  16. save tigers because it is our national animal if we keep on going reducing them we and our next generation people has to see their photes only soo my humble requist is to keep them to live because they r one of us thank u

  17. Tiger is the most beautiful animal ,i think. this the most amazing gift from nature. plz plz plz plz dont kill them, they are few in number.

  18. Hi, guys u all r trying to save the tigers endangered in INDIA and in the whole world.
    I sometimes ago go through the post of admin, i.e. the tiger theme of FIREFOX

  19. Hi,we should have to take this step earlier but if now we r thinking of it it’s a fantastic step taken to save tigers.SAVE TIGERS ND SAVE OUR NATIONS WEALTH.

  20. We need to save our tigers. We can’t let our national animal go extinct. So please its humble request to do whatever you can to save tigers.

  21. we have to save tigers. They are incrediable animal of our country.

  22. I am from hyderabad and i love tigers, save our tigers because they are our national animals we like this wild animal very much, and we use this name in our daily life like {main shair hoon, sheir se takkar laira, } so we know how importand the tiger is for us, This decision must have been taken before, so this problem could have been resolved. we always be late. we have to save our tigers.

  23. Hi, We need to save our tigers, I think that we should have take this step earlier. I request peoples of India please save our national animal and help our Government to save the tigers. Jaise ki no. 4 pe Syan Mondal Ji ne kaha hai ki “The forest named

  24. save our tiger becaus they are like cats. tigers will not harm you if you do not.
    Tigers are also are national animal

  25. animal ko marne waleko turant FANSI ho jay to tiger bachega.varna nahi ,nahi ,nahi please. india me to ye plan lavo to hi achha hay.

  26. please save save them , they are on verge of extinction,don’t be so selfish think for them too…..they form an important part of our rich wildlife….


  28. hi frnds,
    i am raghu…
    i really appreciate that most of them are intrested in saving the tigers here is another way of doing it.. just pass on the information abt this web site and the importance of doing this to our frnds becoz most of them may not know abt this…

  29. We all Resposeble 4 decreasing no. Of Tigers. U know what we did? We entered their home. And cuted 4est. If we dn’t hv 4est wt animals can eat and tiger ???? Just think

  30. I am the Tiger
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  31. Hi friends i am happy to all of u people trying to save the indian tigers.
    But our politicience & reach person could not participate in save tigers programe thats why immidiet action is not take by goverment.

  32. hi i am realy happy that u guys are trying to save tigers i think that by spreading this massage and by being serious about it and by taking an wonderfullaction on how to save tgers .keep it up……..

  33. Hi ! My name is Varshini ! I’m only 12 but my goal in life is to save the Indian tigers! I have seen all the protective shows about our national animal, appreciating it’s splendour in it’s elegance, and it feirceness in it’s gentleness. But I’m disgusted by the way we are acting. Thus, me, Varshini Ravi, pledge to save the in any way I can !

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