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We are a group of non-governmental non-profit conservationists and interact closely with and actively support the tiger conservation activities of government agencies as well as non-government organizations.

This website is a weblog of information and activities to save tigers. Interested entities are welcome to actively take part in discussions and submit their opinions. Though we are not related to any government or private agency, we follow the principles and guidelines issued by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, India and the tenets of the Project Tiger, India.

We are very grateful to who preserved this domain name and transferred to us for a very generous consideration. is giving away conservation related domain names to interested genuine entities to use the domain names for furthering conservation efforts.

413 thoughts on “Save Tigers”

  1. Congratulations and thank you for thinking and working towards saving Tigers. I am happy to write this mail as I have seen advertisement on Colors Tv. Writing this mail gives me enormous pleasure that we at last started working towards saving our nature and animals.

    Great Job!!!

    Thanks & Wish you all the best.

    Hemant Tripathi

  2. I am really happy to write this mail towards saving tigers.
    time has come to do something for them and our mother nature. atlast we should understand saving tigers and mother nature ,will save human race.

    great job done;;;;;;;

    thanks for giving me this opportunity
    sudip ghosh

  3. Hi, this is Prasad from Pune. Plz let me know how can we help to save our animals. I’m having huge manpower from my college to support you.

    Thank You

    Prasad S Mudaliar

  4. I always watching a program of tiger’s on Discovery. In one program i saw how few tigers disappear from forest and security guards found their bones from smugglers . So India need to take strong action against smuggling.

    India is gifted with huge forests, only we have to preserve it, either in future we will see tigers only in photos

  5. Congrats…… Grt job…..
    Im frm Tamilnadu(Coimbatore)…..
    Im vry proud of our country ….
    We need to save our NATIONAL ANIMAL……
    Im willing to help u in all the possible ways….
    tell me how can i & my frnds help u?

    Thank u…


  6. gr8 thing guys,

    Its really annoying that there are only 1411 tigers left in our country. Now we should come together and preserve this national wealth. At times India was know as land of Tigers. It will be a national shame if we fail to do so!!

    You guys are really doin gr8 job, please let us know if you need any kind of help!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kudos guys!!

    Its high time we woke up to reality!
    Its high time we woke up for something we can protect & save.

    Its really sad to see our population exploding at an overwhelming rate while nothing is actually done to save the animals which are an integral part of our livelihood.

    Its high time,we stop and take notice!
    Its all about saving another life!

  8. Congratulations
    Its really annoying that there are only 1411 tigers left in our country. Now we should come together and preserve this national wealth. At times India was know as land of Tigers.
    As a photographer, am interested in wildlife photography,Possible i can do my best to preserve wild life.Eager to help u



  10. Hi
    this is aparna from Mumbai we have saw your ad on star plus it is great job and i will really like to help you guys.

    thank you

  11. hi this is sahana from bangalore…………..
    great job guys.its really very nice to listen that atleast some actions are started now.
    its a serious thing that the tigers remaining in india is only 1411. i love animals n especially tigers………….n this is the time we can and should do something for saving the treasure of our country. i ll try my level best to help u people in this work…………..we better do something before its too late….

    if we save the nature, later the nature saves us…………………
    thank u,

  12. Hi …Great thinking and good to save our precious gems of the earth…i.e nature ..even before man was invited nature was created by god than which is called the beauty of the earth , If these doesnt exist even the world n so called biggest animal that is human bieng it self will not exist ….Great work !!! well appreciated

  13. Good job guys ..weell done tell us in case u require any suppport with regarsd to save our animals …

  14. Gr888 thng ..I and my fly are in support of ur project tell us in case u need anhy help from us

  15. gr8 work guys….

    its an appreciable effort of yours that this organisation has taken up to do towards our national symbol i.e. tigers….seeing the initiative taken by u ppl gives me heart filled pleasure to bring forth my concern towards d same ..if i culd be of any help do tell me as its our national pride that is needed to b saved rather jus an animal…

    gr8 job..


  16. i am very happy to join and support save tiger project,
    my suggestion to everyone to join this project and take step to protect them,

  17. I m from bangalore, pls let us if there is some way we can help save our national animal. industrialisation is good for the country but not at the cost of our natural wealth….

  18. it proves that all people r nt only concerned abt them they 2 have concern on others too……………THEY RESPECT ALL…………..

    GUD JOB ……….
    i wish still more conservation plans should be made on other depleting resources

    hope never dies……

  19. tigers r the most important for our country..we all here are thinking of saving them… not because they are the nation’s pride.. but they are also a life like us.. they also breathe..they too have feelings.. thy too have life.

    This is applicable to all the animals on this planet… we humans have no right to kill any animal.. every animal has the right to live… raise ur voice against hunting of any animal it may b. an tiger or something else.. make up with humanity

  20. Dear Team,

    its a disgrace to know that only 1411 tigers are left in the wild. Your ad beams in prime time with Dhoni in it and yet only six responses… that goes to show how much people care for the wild in our country…

    My friends and I would be proud to be associated with savetigers. Let us know how we could help?

  21. i strongly believe in saving the national animal of india.we have to join hands together to do our people are really doing a good job,any help required will be wecomed! hats off!
    keep going!

  22. Hi. Im nitin arora from jalandhar(punjab). Im 17. This is short msg for indian people.
    Tiger is our national animal.agar ham tigers ko maarte jaaenge to hmaare india mein tiger hi nahin bachenge. Hamari next generation ko tigers dekhne ko nahi milenge. Plz save tigers

  23. a big and courageous effort to come forward to save our valuable heritage .TIGER beeing our National animal should be in abundance but irony to see the falling numbers ..i think we indians should wake up as it would be a national shame for us .and the government should put some intense monitering system in the forests to stop poaching as this has to be an initiative by the govt to secure our national animal .we say we have high quality technology so why cant this updated technology be used to save our TIGERS?????????

  24. hi..I am Jayesh Vasoya from Ahmedabad (Gujarat).I really thanks to the government and Aircell who have initiated to save our NATIONAL ANIMAL -TIGER. We must save TIGERS but the main question is how we can save them???.. By just writing here we cant save the tigers. we should take some necessary action. we should come together and aware other people. We must aware rural people who don’t know the importance of national animal and killing them.By making posters and doing advertise and seminars every where we can aware people so that they don’t kill them and save the tigers.

    If anybody is having any other idea than please share with all of us. That would be our pleasure to save TIGERS.

    Thanking You.

    Jayesh Vasoya

  25. I am Nithin from kerala . I strongly believe in saving the national animal of india.we have to join hands together to do our people are really doing a good job,any help required will be wecomed! hats off!
    keep going!i am very happy to join and support save tiger project,
    my suggestion to everyone to join this project and take step to protect them,

  26. Again we proud of our resources . But we destroy all them of our selfishness.No We didn’t agree with there activities. We strogly react against them . We have to do them mercy to our nature. This is not for tigers only, our nation, planet ,everyone has the right to live. Humans have no rights to kill the tigers or something else in our planet.
    I am proud to be join this team please make a chain against these activities . And we made an GOD’S OWN COUNTRY. This is not 4 kerala . It’s 4 our GREAT INDIAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa INDIAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaINDIAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. agar tiger nahi bache to hum bhi nahi bachenge. mahangai badh jayaegi sher un janwaro ko khate hai jo shakahari hote hai. mansahari janwar nahi bache to shakahari janwaro ki sankhya badh jayegi, unhe khane ke liye humara anaj kam pad jayega wo bhuk se marenge, to wo hamare kheto me aa jayenge hamari kheti ko nuksan pahuchayenge jisase anaj kam hoga, aur anaj mahanga milega.bhuk se shakahari janwar tadap ke marenge to mahamari failegi phir bimari se hum bhi mar jayenge. is tarah janwar ko mar kar aaj jo kamate hai,aur jinke liye kamate hai unka bhavishya hi aaj kharab ho raha hai.mera un logo se anurodh hai! aap janwaro ko maar kar apne bachchon ka bhavishya sudhar nahi bigaad rahe ho.

    1. @sanchit
      That’s a nice description of the food pyramid and the tiger’s importance in our ecosystem.

  28. I was were touched to see the add in which a baby tiger is looking out from his mothers I thing 1411 tigers in all over india is pathetic its high time we start doing some thing about it I & my friends r with u to help save our national animal.

    Thanks for informing us about this


  29. Hi

    Finally Human being got realized. He was hunting tigers past now he wants to save them. First of all save Jungle and not to cut forest woods. The jungle entry should be given to a valid ticket and it should not be tresspassed. Tigers or any other wild animals to be survived if they get feeded and it will happen only with the help of donation given by individuals. Central Govt and State govt should take steps to ahead this campaign accross the country. Jai Tigers !!!!!!!

  30. I don’t know if we all can do much with our post… if required for any help or any support plz write in I am sure we all in this blog feel for the cause and tht why we r here.

    Well I am going to be father and as my Late Father had taken me once to a very beautiful Sunderban n me then a toddler watchin a Tiger in it natural habitat and its full galore made me aware of its sheer beauty n grace n at the same time I felt my bond with my father grew more n still stands strong thou he is no more….All I am sayin or requesting to all of you is to think n think hard do u want the joy of watchin this MAJESTIC CREATURE or do u want thr skin, flesh or there bones being sent and sold in a foreign country thou they are a part of you??!


  31. Dear friends,

    It is good to take some intiative like save tiger,First of all lot of awareness and action is required to make this intiative successful. Is there any idea/research carried by Government to breed more tigers.I will suggest to involve some task force for this purpose who will work sincerely,Honestly and without any corruption. They should identify the source of danger for Tiger and eradicate the source with sincere Efforts. Let us Handle this issue seriously and try to preseve our nation’s treasure with utmost care.

  32. Hi this is piyush I thing for 10 min. what i write here but I am feeling myself thoughless but one thing that i really want to do to do something for our nature who gives us whatever we need or want andin reply what we are giving to her that is the greatest question for the human beings we can;t do much but we all can do something which become much when it come all together so its the humble request to plz plz plz plz plz DO SOMETHING

  33. hey…seeing ads daily n just think how helpless u feel not really able to save this creature which is at the brink of extinct…..n u feel the govt. who has no value for the life of a common man wht one can expect out of them for this poor animal.I strongly feel the celebs who are such a big influence are the people who shd make extra effort n like me the common man needs to tke initiative n high time start reactling to such issues.
    SAVE TIGERS !!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hi Friends,

    i strongly believe in saving the national animal of india.we have to join hands together to do our people are really doing a good job,any help required will be wecomed! hats off!
    keep going!

  35. Congratulation and thank u for taking an initiative in saving this beautiful animal. I strongly believe this moment will surely make the difference and we can help our coming generation to see this handsome animal rather than seeing and reading them in books lately.

    Save Tigers !!!

  36. Guys,

    A century ago 40,000 tigers were in India. As of 2006 census, only 1141 tigers left.
    The death of 59 tigers from January to November 2009 is worrying now.
    Tiger census for the year 2010 started on Jan 22nd, the final report for 2010 will be released on November 2010.

    I’m from Tamilnadu. Volunteer in animal census. We used to do go inside jungle frequently with forest officials; we see tiger footmarks very rarely. Forest officials are really working hard to save the species.

    But when we see alcohol bottles and plastics inside jungle, it

  37. HI
    This is Sonal
    Iam one of the helpless as well as selfish kind of person.
    Helpless because Like All i also know the Bitter Truth that our environment ,our forest, our world is getting destroyed, but like All iam engaged in “FIght For Survival”
    y Selfish because iam wearing leather.
    but now i wldnt buy any leather stuff thats 4 sure!!!!!!!
    1 addvertisement touched me deeply …. baby tiger crying 4 her mother may b iam 1 of the culprit …. because i wore leather….
    who v r???
    who gave us the right that v r interfering environment n wild life…………??
    but now after taking that resolution ….. iam sumwat satisfied….

    till now i can do this much only…………
    but wen i ill beceome somethg ill definetely do somethg meaningfull 4 them.

    so 4 now
    THAT IT!!!!!!!!!

  38. HI,


  39. if we kill tiger that means we are killing ourself, all the animals are interlink with human, they are the leader of ecosystem, so if we kill leader than we are killing whole ecosytem, if ecosystem is killed than we are killing ourself.

    i’m a bhutanese guy, and all the time i watch discovery channel and i saw a tiger baby lose in the forest without her mom, tiger baby is small and can’t evn walk proporly and how can she/he can find a food.

  40. Hi,
    This is Amit I am really happy to see all this towards saving tigers.
    time has really really come to do something for them and our nature. atlast we should understand saving tigers and mother nature,because we all are busy in our routine life and thus neglecting the beautiful things craeated by nature.

  41. hello friends….!!
    v ol r proud of our india….bt do u evr thnk dat wht v r doin to mke our india btr…!!! v r destroin our planet..,resourse… v r bcmin so selfish. to fulfill aour need v kill animals…destroyin resourses..nw dyz v watchin newz..n saw d decreasin strngth f tigers. in india only 1450 tigers r left. v ol as d indians, it is our duty to do smthin to save tigers. in ds task celeb hpls us a lot…they cn speak bhalf of tigers..n encourahge to save tigers.
    lts join our hands n “SAVE TIGERS”….

  42. hey Friends,
    Tiger Ts OUr NAtional Animal………..
    we Shld B Proud Of IT,
    n iTs Really annoyng tht he Sepcies Left Around r nly near About 1000 to 2000…….so after few Months Ther Will b 100,
    So Its Our Duty TO svae Them!
    if thers no Tiger Left then what shall b out NEW upcuming NATIONAL ANIMAL!
    juss THINk!!!

  43. Hello,
    I m tina. I got this information from some TV channels. Its really a very good job atleast to bring awareness among general people that what important is a tiger for us nd for our survival. I m a post graduate in Envt. Sc. As a student and as a child of my mother India I will say please save tigers atleast for ecological balance. Otherwise very soon not a single human will survive in this world. Please


    I am always there to take part in variouse programme to save our environment.

  44. only 1411 tigers are left in our India……. This is the high time to be concerned about the fact……….So please be aware of the fact and SAVE TIGERS…….

  45. hi friends …!!!!
    becoming a responsible citizen of india its our obligatory duty to save our national animal. if we show lazyness in this matter our offsprings ll see the tigers in the paper charts as a photos .. so friends


  46. hey all…I would like to thank to all of you who has been produced & introduced this again coz Tiger is our national animal & we must think about this serious situation which should not happened… I must say that if we are appriciating to another countries for the Beauty of that countries nature & etc , we also must know what are they also doing to keep this beauty in the same…I must say that this is ashamed to be hearing this thing….

  47. Tigers are the national heritage of our Country, we should protect them. i am writing this mail bcos my son who is seven years old so the advd on T.V. & wanted to be a part of this effort to save the tigers. seeing enthu of such a small kid we were also motivated to contribute are bit to save the tigers.

  48. we should not kill tigers because
    1 they are our national animal

    2 we depent on them

    3 when i saw the add i felt so sad that only 1411 tigers left

    4 we should never kill animails

    5 i am sad tigers are diying

    6 I am going to save tigers and save them.

    samanyu sethi

  49. if we save tigers our children will alos save

    tigers our heritage

    we should save them.
    please stop killing tigers

    join save tiger company


  50. Hey [some text removed] the talk that we do in this regards is useless until we came on the roads or ask the concern authority to take some firm action in this regards, as only the thinking that we can keep it our self will not help any Tiger from losing its life………

  51. Hello,
    Congratulations and thank you for working towards saving tigers. I saw ad on colours channel,and I was shockd when I came to know their are only 1411 TIGERS in all over India. I always watch programmes related to tigers on discovery, nat geo and animal planet. I love this animal. and we need to save our national animal.


  52. It is shocking to think that the next generation may not able to see a real tiger and just hear about it. Please let get’s toghter and do somthing for the beautiful royal animal….All Indain;s and especaily the greedy money minded ones please wake up now and stop killing these national beatuies…….

  53. hey friends be an indian and save our national animal

    I become an responsible citizen be youuuuuuuuuu

  54. hi, I am Rohan Sharma. I am helpless to save our tiger alone. Tiger is our national animal & a part of our wild life also. Only 1411 tigers has left our national tiger.
    It is a very shameful on human species .

  55. We all should get together and i am really happy that this all is come into notice via media because i feel nowdays the best way to bring up challenges of such severity can only be delt by strong medium like media ….

    I pledge to help save our national animal at any cost ….


  56. Hiiii every1. I sugesst to aalll the peoples to try to save the tigers bcoz they are rare spiceies in the whole world. So i request to alll plzzzzzz join us to save them. Thank u

  57. Hi, I am an Indian, My humble & polite request to all human beings to save tigers. Tiger is a symbol of bravery & we are killing them just for our enjoyment.If we are not taking any steps to save tiger we are actually spoiling our future.

    Please Please dont forget the importance of animals in the crowd of huge buildings.

    Save naute! Save animals! Save our future!!!

  58. its really sad to see the declining population of tigers….every one should be concerned about problem faced by our country….. its duty of every indian to save our national animal….hope for better atleat from now measures should be taken to save tigers and increase their population…. i think our government shouldtake special concern see what is the reason for this and come acrooss this…..i m a animal lover never want to see extinction of any animals…they too have same right as much we do to leave in this world… pls save tigers save india….

  59. a good initiative from aircel………… at least we must be aware of it……..we must do something to save our wildlife………

  60. I believe its first the tigers then the humans the money makers will never stop till the time they are made to with strict actions not just by the government but by every citizen be a responsible save tigers save the places they stay in so they never have to come out and be killed either for money or to save humans. Our ministers itself don’t mind cutting trees destroying a garden , a forest , a sanctuary . Its only the citizens who can raise a voice against the killings of our national animal ,, destroying their homes …… we all need to think

  61. Hey frnds today when i saw an advertisement about a 2 months old tiger who is waiting for his mom
    think about that person who is waiting 4 her mom like many of us are away from our mom for study or for work or dere mom is not alive what is the condition of the person living away from there mom
    i just wana say plz help them so that these remainig 1411 tigers can b saved & they should not b deprived of the love of there mom & dad
    Plz save them
    Its a request of an INDIAN & waitin 4 the response of all the INDIANS so come up

  62. Great to see an initiative towards this URGENT need to work for and to save tigers! I am an animal lover – and would like to contribute to this cause.

    How do we, the common man contribute to this??

  63. hi…
    Felt happy to mail u guys…. I came to know this through tv ad…. really its a very g8t effort…
    hats off……

  64. Dear Human Being !

    Are we really HUMAN BEINGS ! If we cannot preserve our Heritage & National Animal what else we can do for the nation. Atleast WAKE UP NOW & come forward to help those who are taking BOLD STEPs to SAVE OUR HERITAGE. Let us all prove that WE ARE HUMANS & not BUTHCERS !

  65. hi,

    This is one of the best idea that even we the public can come forward and help to save tigers , once in 1980 their were 20,000 tigers in India but now it has reduce to 1000′ s so we should save our National animal .

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajeev .k

  66. Good Initiative… Kudoos for using TV channels to make people aware..! It works.

    As an Indian, I am really worried about the reducing Number of Tigers. I ll keep visiting this Website for more information. ll be happy to know how i can contribute for tiger conservation.

  67. you people are doing great job.. heats off to you. thanks for all your efforts for saving our national animal…..

  68. Hi

    All the best for this initiative.

    Now a days people wants to show the laxrious status through the having tiger skin’s mateail hence ample tiger was killed & its still continiued….how can rich people have such narrow minded.
    As tiger have full right to live in the nature. we shouldnt be disturb god’s creature ……so stop using tiger matarial


  69. People, TIGERS’ are our National Animal…take pride and save them!
    BEING HUMANS its one of our integral responsibilities to save animals and our ecology and hense saving our future.

  70. HI,

    friends as we all know that tiger is our national animal & its a symbol our proud.

    so I request all the hunters don’t kill our proud & become the proud of our nation……………………………………………………bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dudes………

  71. Snehal

    This is Snehal Kolhe,from Mumbai.
    congratulations guys,doing great job.
    its high time now that we do something rather than doing discussions on saving tigers.
    I would be greatful to help u in any of ur initiatives to save tigers.

  72. Its so sad that only 1411 tigers are now left in India,Humans like a virus everexpanding and encroching upon the territory of all the other life forms have jusified with themselves that they are a superior life form & the ONLY rightful inheritors of this planet undermining and destroying everything & everyone be it PLANTS or Other living creatures or the ENVOIRNMENT sometimes because of PURE GREED or sometimes in the name of PROGRESS or at other times just to prove to itself its so presumed SUPERIORITY.
    Everyone & everything God created is for a purpose & by destroying the plant and animal life we are destroying the balance of the whole Ecological system which Ultimately shall be Fatal for the Human race.So lets WAKE UP & save ourselves from this impending DISASTER by saving and protecting all the other life forms.


  73. it is pleasure to me you pepole are arelly doing humanity job. Hartely Congradualations to all team members for saving our Narional Animal.

    Only 1411 Tigers are left, it is a pianfull news. we have to protect our National Animals with the help of Government, People and Societies.

    Come on Indians …. Help to protect our Tigers !! I will be with u

  74. hi everyone
    this is a grest job
    as tiger is our national animal

    save it and save indias pride

  75. I really want to appreciate the efforts being made by save tigers team…and we must help them to save tigers…if we do not take actions now than new generation will never see such a beautiful and amazing animal in jungles….I would like join them to save TIGERS…

    Thanks & Regards,
    Bhupender Singh

  76. thanks for this grate work. i think govt was not doing anything for tigers & forest.

    1. @sanjeev
      On the contrary, government and forest department have been doing a lot of things; it is we common people and our consumerism that is destroying our natural heritage. So, the responsibility is upon all of us to support and participate in activities to save tigers.

  77. 40000 Tigers once upon a time…. the National animal of our country… and this is the state of them today!!!!
    Plz help protect and preserve our mother nature…. i am really happy to be a part of this initiative and if there is anything to be done right now, it is help these animals from final extinction!!

  78. Congratulations and thank you for thinking and working towards saving Tigers. I am happy to write this mail as I have seen advertisement on Colors Tv. Writing this mail gives me enormous pleasure that we at last started working towards saving our nature and animals,

    stop hunting !!!!!! The man whoever hunt animals it means he

    has a big 1 year jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    great job guys iwill fight with you

  79. Its an great effort to combine all indians to save our nationl animal TIGER. By saving forests only we can save our national animal, SAVE FORESTS SAVE TIGERS.
    …Jai Hind.

  80. hi… its really sad to see how tigers are vanishing from our wild.just give a thought how serious our authorities as they have made no attempts to know five tigers are lost at corbett national park just in a months correct myself corbett has lost 33 animals in just a three years time……13 TIGERS, 6LEOPARDS, 17 ELEPLANTS. pls do somethink before its too little to do. i hope people we are able to somethk not just talk as its been happening for such a long time.

  81. hi this is very good that so many people make contribution to save our national animal.We indians should shame ourself that there are only 1411 tigers left in India. I think government should take strict steps towards saving tigers .If the killing of tigers are continued like this there is no day far when there are no tigers left in India.

    Thank you
    i think by reading this blog some people will become serious towards saving tigers

  82. Hi
    A great thought but how and what do we plan to do is the biggest question in front of us. All the natioanl parks are taken care by the Govt. institutes and giving them money is like putting it in a Blind Well. We need to either have them under the hands of a Private firm for a pre defined time frame who atleast uses the money towards a RIGHT DIRECTION and CAUSE.

    We are with you but really want to know the SOP. I am sure when you have started with Print and Media you must be having something in Mind too.

    Look forward to hear before we commit something.


  83. Hats off to you!!! Great fantabulous Job….

    I just LOVE YOU guys…..

    Please contact me for any help… i really really want to do something for this noble cause.

    Thanks a bunch

  84. hi,
    our very best wishes for all who are taking initiatives like this. we would love to be part of this initiative as it is our duty duty to save mother nature and these animals so we can give a bright future to our children.

  85. save tigers as it is an important and most beautiful animal on this earth. donot make tigers a histroy like dinosauroces. We have right to live so do animals have right to live . Save them save our nature we would not get anything by killing them.It takes many years to a new tiger to be born but a few seconds to kill it. Donot destroy.


  86. Hi,
    This is Kamesh from Bangalore.
    congratulations guys,doing great job.
    its high time now that we do something rather than doing discussions on saving tigers.
    I would be my pleasure to help u in any of your initiatives to save tigers.

  87. hiiiiiiii

    I am Pallavi Shinde from satara. I wish all you people all the very best. For any of ur movements i ll be there always with u people anytime.

  88. HI,

    My all indian people we all know that tiger is our national animal & its a symbol our proud.

    so I request all the hunters don

  89. Dear Folks,
    Congratulations,great thinking,thank you for working towards saving TIGERS.
    It’s high time ” WE ” need to save our NATIONAL ANIMAL..Join hands and

  90. Hi

    It is very shameful to see what human greed has resulted to. The reduction in the no. of tigers is an alarming sitauation and i believe it is our duty as a human to join hands to save the majestic animal .

    I would be very grateful to help u in any of ur initiative to save tigers.

    U guys are doing a great job….


  91. Hi Friends,

    This is Navneet Singh.I relay thanks all those people who all are involved in this noble coz to save Indian Tigers and as v all know that TIGER which is the pride for Indians is on the urge to extinguish. Now there are only 1411 Tigers left in India & v need to help our govt by sporting in every posib way either it is non using of plastic and paper bags in order to save treas an then forests etc this will not only give Tigers the natural habitat to live will also help us to save our ECO SYSTEM, we our self need to take initiative now plant more and more trees to control and fight with global warming


  92. im very glad tat ppl have united for a gud is gud to have advertisements abt it in media..plz do add hw a common man be a part in ur initiative apart frm visiting dis website.
    all the best
    prithivi prakash(salem, tn)

  93. tigers is the national animal of our country this is our responsibility to save our animal because no one will care for that because everyone is busy with their own family, tiger is in our family come on save tigers.

  94. respected All,
    As we are the only one nation where tigers are found, and if we are not able to save them how we can we think that we can save the other Indian Heritages, we all have to come farward and support to save tigers. we will have to help the Govt. as well as all we need to take hard steps to stop the sumuggling of the tigers. “AS THE TIGER IS THE NATIONA ANIMAL OF OUR COUNTRY.”

    To the Owner of the Site

    Pls. publish it on it if you want any king of help, we all are eger to do to do the same.

    Gr8 Job

  95. Hi,

    Brijesh Gadhia from mumbai this is a better late then never initiative taken by the central government to save the the national animal ..the most precious one, once nearing about 40000 but only 1411 left since then….we need to tight laws against poaching , ill legaltraffkicng and wrongs myths about its body parts used as medicines.

    Hope this initiative gives shows good result within a short span

  96. Hey, I am highly glad to write this mail after seeing the “Save Tigers” ad on TV.
    This is very good step towards making me & other people realise that there are few countable no. of tigers we have left in our country & we have to protect them.
    I am very happy to spread this message & help saving the tigers.

  97. hello..its really great step towards the conservation of national animal of our country….i m really thankful to each and every member of this crew….we common people should do something for this noble cause as it is already too late….
    please contact me if i ll be of any help to u guys…
    all d best

  98. Hi, I am Rohini

    Its really saddening to know that there are only 1411 tigers left in our country. My only request to the people who kill tigers or any other animals is please dont kill them. Animals are beautiful, if we kill these animals now, in future we might end up seeing these animals only in pictures and not in zoo or forests.
    So please stop it…..

  99. This is our responsiblity to save our national animal. I have just now seen the add in my television that there is no more tigers left… so please be with us for saving the tigers…. because they are most presious for our nation…….. and for the proudity
    I hope so that you all will be along with us for saving the tigers

  100. We should try n conserve more of tigers…. Its not easy ppl v have 2 unite n d 1st according 2 me is 2 educate the people living near tiger prone areas… about d dropping no of tigers…

  101. hey hi………………….
    TIGERS our national animal i thnk……wat i thnk it is……how many of our indians know dis…………bcoz of dis lack of knowledge…..v hv lost so many tigers lots n lots of dem……..who is responsible v d humans……………………n i feel extremely happy tat now v humans r saving dem…….. ALL D BEST to d whole group of team who is doing dis gr8 job of saving………may ur initiative step comes wid flying colours…….
    “SAVE TIGERS” hats off to ur group

  102. hi,
    its god to saw that some one has taken a initiative to save the tiger’s, but its true its never late to do anything we still have time we can save tigers. Though its our resposibility by writing a blogs and messg is not inuff or saying thanks one should take a step ahead but on the other hand we need some guide line by some authority who tell us how we can help them so, please let us know how we will be a part of this ………………… please let me know ………………… and all the best for the same
    At the same time i must say please dont disturb the tigers if we visit any of the wild life places where they are being protected. This is our first step towards saving tigers

  103. Hi,
    Its a great pleasure for me to involve in such a great thing. A part from passing this information through website we need to convey this message to the people directly. Especially to the people those who are living very nearer to the forest because they have to make sure that our “”””-TIGER-“””” is always safe from the hands of smugglers.

    Thanks for doing such a wonderful thing and this information should be passed to every “INDIAN” because Tiger is our national animal and the precious one.


    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::VANDE MATARAM:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  104. We have to join hands to protect tigers in india. Now we and the gov have responseabilty to do as quick as possible. Every seconds we loosing the natural habitate and animals in india. Our gov have to take a sever action on hunters, deforeststation is the biggest problem in our india. The trees are cut down for woods and agriculture. Not use of wiriting this msg again and again in web, bolg and sms. We have to do something. We loosing our national animal. I glade to write this ” Please save forest and wild animals in the world”. If we not take any care of this problem we only will see tigers in Pictures and TVs only in future.

  105. Hey hi,
    Im vry animal lover gal..
    Its really a great step…il b highly glad if i come in any help 2wrds ma lovly animals ma fren
    so plz contact me guys
    thnx yar

  106. Not onlt tiger is a beautiful animal but it is also the indicator of forests health.
    Saving tiger means saving mankind.saving tiger cannot live in places where trees have vanished and inturn secure food and water for all.

    If we save thus becomes the symbol for protection of all species on our earth.since it is all the top of foundation.thus we call tiger is a indicator of our ecosystems health.

    Its really important to save tigers extinction.thus we should protect tigers from habitat destruction.if government are determined the animal can be saved.

  107. This is a great step.
    We are ready to join this group and work for conservation of our national animal.
    If this group need any thing from us we will be there to help.

  108. hiii everybody
    its nice to see u people awareness
    its a great step towards the protection nd conservation of our national animal

    we shud contribute our help in this noble cause…….
    if in ny case u people need me..plz contact me,i l definately here 4 this

    gud jod
    all the best

  109. I think now its time to make a promise, a promise to ourselves that we will not buy any kind of product that comes from any wild animal. I will try my best to keep my promise. Will u?

  110. Hi,
    Nilanjan from bangalore, Its really sad that there are only 1411 tigers. The add touched my heart in which a baby tiger is looking out from his mother.
    i am not a professional photogarpher but keep interest in wildlife photography.
    I want to be part of Project Tiger and save Tigers
    It will be my pleasure….

  111. It’s Bad to listen the no of tigers who are remaining here.tiger is the finest animal ,as well as the national animal of india.the initiating step of saving tigers is best.we should take active part and make unity for increasing this figure.

  112. Glad to be part of it. It would be a shame for humanity if cant save our nature & animlas. The progress & advancement of humanity will be in vein if we cant stop poaching of animals & save our national wealth.
    The environmental law & animal protection act should be strong to act quickly.

  113. hello initiators,
    Its gud to see so many ppl posting comment for indian tigers.Im not sure of wat is required to save these species but i ll be very happy to do my part for their protection.It was when i was taken for an industrial visit and there were three burial place two of which were closed read dodo and tasmanian wolf ,the one left open read RESERVED FOR INDIAN TIGER.

  114. I love my country very much and I m always ready to give support to our country.
    We should save our national animal as there r only 1411 Tigers left which is really a concerning news……..
    Lets join our hands together and try whatever we can do to save this wonderful animal!!!

  115. hey,

    Really touched by the asvertisement on TV…the small tiger looks soo miserable….
    its a great step that you guys have taken towards a cause like this…in the nation with 2nd largest population…the national animal is lesser than what is the population of a village in India. Its a shame…..
    Please let us know if there is anything else that we could do to preserve our national animal from being extinct….
    But this awareness has to be spread in the rural areas around the forests who are not aware of the facts and figures and out of fear end up killing the annimal…
    It’s a request that you broadcast the ad on National TV and Local Channels as well so that more people are aware about this.

    And in the end…Cheers to all who are a part of this…
    Very proud of u all
    All the best

    “If we give them their space, they will give us ours”

  116. its really a great step towards saving the nature and the valuable gifts which has been given by god even i would like to join this organisation and do some work to save our nature and our tigers toooo

  117. Battle to save tigers

    Conservationists say there are just 3,200 tigers left in the world as the future of the species is threatened by poachers, destruction of their habitat and climate change. The world population of tigers has fallen by 95 per cent in the past century. The WWF said it intends to intensify pressure to save the Panthera tigris by classifying it as the most at risk on its roster of 10 critically endangered animals.

    It hopes to increase patrols and work with politicians to eradicate poaching and thwart illegal trade of tiger skins and body parts. The wildlife charity also aims to work with governments to encourage more responsible forest management and compensation for farmers whose livestock are killed by tigers to avoid them being hunted.

    To save the tiger, we have to save its habitat

  118. i was gr8ly moved by the ad seen on tv “save tigers” we should help saving our national animal …….as much as we can

    m glad that i m able to spreads this message through u so that we can help to save them

  119. i was gr8tly moved 2 see the ad on tv “save tigers”
    i would like to help by spreading this message 2 as many people as possible !! so that we can save our national animal

    “we must fight this cause with iron wills and velvet gloves “

  120. hi i m a fyjc student in science nd have seen things that r regarded as national importance being neglected b it terrorism,sports or r national animal THE TIGER i have never seen a tiger except in cages but seeing it get depleted 2 a drastic odd 4500 number is troubling i m happy dis organization is making the move 2 save THE NATIONAL ANIMAL my full support 2 u v the Gen X is the future nd v will save them

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!

  121. hiiiiiiii…..
    im happy that i too can write something towards saving one of the endangered ones in our country.. lets spread the idea of saving them, as they too have the right to live like every one of us…. i was a active member of natural club, so if im gettin an oppurtunity to do somethin for them wil surely help out….

    if i can be of any help plz contact….
    all the best every1 in this….

  122. we should save the tigers for our next generation…..before that we all should aware of saving the forest the place where the tigers live ….each and every day make a think that every one should plant a tree.. to save our lives as well.. this save tigers is a alarm to all of us to save our earth ….

  123. Well and good for this publish…am most welcoming this way of approach…..
    and we should intent the Government of India….to punish the nature killers….severely…once the punishment is high-rated…the nature killers never do the same again and again……
    Save Nature…Let save the nature for Future Generation…

  124. u guys are doing a great job !
    saving TIGER means saving ourselves.
    i think only beacuse of our narro minded politicians our national animal at TIGER
    almost near to finished,
    again congreats to u guys & please contact if u guys need any help from me.
    mobile no.9891848405

  125. Hello,

    This is a wonderful initiative to spread awareness of the plight of tigers in the wild. In some of the wild life sanctuaries that I have visited, private Jeeps are allowed to take tourists for a safari. They just zoom into the forest bumpy roads at high speeds regardless of whether the tourists are enjoying or not or whether they run over some smaller wild animals. They charge exhorbitantly and keep lying that they saw a tiger walking on the road few minutes back just to make the tourists take the jeep safari.

    There is a long way to go in protecting the wildlife and we should all join together to show support and concern for our rich eco system.


  126. Its really great and god love job.I always see the Tigers series on discovery channle.This is wonderful god live I requested to all human beeng pls pls pls save our national animal Tigers.I really appreciate to you pls keep it up i always with you and all person who has personally touch with Tigers.
    at last Thanx for save Tigers

  127. Hi,

    I am, Prajakta from Pune!…

    Congratulations you guys for this great initiative! …saw your ad on star plus

  128. Hi this is Pinky! I believe, at this point of time, to save tigers we have to do more than just make an effort as the situation is now critical. Your move in this context is commendable and every little effort will make an impact to correct the situation which is becoming grim by the day.
    However, as a lay person, no matter how much i want to contribute in lending my support to rectify the problem, there is no clarity as to what to do and how. I believe no matter how much we empathise with the issue, but unless we go to the cause of this inhuman activities, we will not be able to accomplish much. We have to round up the culprits who indulge in this cruel activity – make punishments more harder by confiscating their properties and making them social outcasts. Simultaneously, we should try to protect the natural habitat of our tigers by beefing up the security and wire fences. there need to be more remedial actions rather than just sharing of thoughts – the problem is just reaching beyond corrction stage – NEED TO ACT NOW BEFORE IT GETS TOO LATE, let a few conscientous NGO’s step forward – backed by state security, the public can donate the funds and collectively we can initiate change. In the meantime let’s also do some protected breeding of the tigers to eventually balance out the equation that is being rocked by ruthless monsters of men.

  129. its been a great initiative which have been taken………i think every indian should come forward to save the tigers and do the what is possible …………..tigers are the pride of us……….and we all really come forward to save the tigers……..

    please contact me for any help required …………all the very best to all the persons we the part of this………………..

  130. hello frnds
    most of us want to save tigers but v r helpless that how can v do it……………..
    atleast v can stop using goods made up of animal skin like leather etc…………..this can be a very small initiative towards saving all the lonely tiger babies who lose their mothers becoz oh human’s interest.
    appart frm this if non-vegetarians can slowly give having non veg food then also v can sve animal kingdom.
    trust me …………..its not very diffucult………coz i too was a non-vegetarian but now have stopped eating non- veg food.
    v the youngsters can try to take up initiatives at our level

  131. Hi,

    Every one is talking about their own business and addressing their business class only.But some Orgnizations are there who realy think about the country where they are doing their business.It shows their patriotness towards country and their contrymen.I proud to be Aircelite.It is the company who came in presence intire india last year only and create diffrence to us.

    You all also create difference by helping them who (can not communicate their voice via any technology) Aircel has taken responsibility to spread on behalf of The Tiger save Tiger for Nature or Countory and The Tiger is your national Animal

  132. Hey All..

    I just want to say Aircel Rocks… Please roll out more Initiatives like these to awaken the THOUGHTS OF 9 BILLOIN INDIANS. I am with you and my Anthem now would be to Save not only Tigers but every species of wildlife that are under the verge of getting extinct. Request each and everyone to support this noble initiative… Lets make a difference…….

    Its time to move on and explore your world of possibilities……

  133. First i wpould like to thnak you for thinking on the way of SAVE TIGERS which are icon of India barveness . The Entire India need to think in this way to protect Our Tigers .

  134. Hi,
    It is nice step towards animal conservation.Initiative taken by Aircel newly born company who should think about its business firs but inspite of it they are performing their social responsibility also.

    Request you all Save Tigers as 1411 are left.Are you willing to change your National Animal if not please think about those people who are responsbile for their death they are like terrorist who are killing our National Animal.We should act on it if we will not act today then we have to live without National Animal.


  135. Hello
    I am glad to know that the govt. has taken an initiative for saving our national animal which is in the verge of extiction.I am happy to spread this message & help save tigers.

  136. hi,, g8 job.. i think its a great move towards saving tigers….
    and think that government organization should also come forward with such good ideas and protect national animal of INDIA . if we have have tiger on aur national ashok stumbh ,,,we should have tiger in our country left so that we can see to them and learn form themm….

    nice work guysss


  137. I really appreciate people and group for this initiative. I think every one should come forward to participate in this initiative to save tigers. Every living being on this planet completes the living cycle of nature and we need to maintain it to survive.

    Dharmendra Panwar

  138. Hi!!
    this is Brahma from Rajkot.

    I m really so happy that u people have now started taking actions against killing tigers. I was watching your add saving tigers on colors channel since two days. I am a very much nature lover and never miss to watch tiger series shown on discovery, nat geo and animal planet. I strongly oppose and i will always come forward to b a part with you people to save our national animal. i would like to add more that those people who are killing tigers when caught should be hanged up. I m highly glad dat u people have given us a chance to write here. Government should take initiatives very seriously and have to take actions to save tigers. I request you all to raise you voice and come ahead to save our National Animal. Plz show a unity in diz regards.. I feel proud to write here. I m thanking you again to give me a chance to write here… becoz m a nature and animal lover…


  139. It’s really appreciable. We needed this step to save our National animal. I saw the adds , its touchy….i wish every one understand the message you want to convey.
    Thank you!

  140. I am happy …finally u guys have started something for tigers …I know this is the high time….but never too late …thanx for taking this intiative …and i am very happy that i am sharing with many peoples …and infact I request all to come forward and should participate …seriously we should do something to save our animals..pls it is time to wake up..I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank the group ..who has taken this opprtunity..i dont have much idea about this…but I saw it on colours to save tigers..


  141. hiii!!!!
    this is upasana frm bilaspur(c.g)
    i hve always cherished d fact that i’m a part of dis beautiful nature in which in which i stand as ahomosapien.But when we ponder,we realize dat humans hve got recognition,bcoz there are also other beautiful animals around us dat constitute d animal world.Now for a moment imagine dat there r only humans nd no other animal in d world.we will b d only Animals if that happens.Being the best animal on d earth,it becomes our responsibility that we save the wildlife.God has made the kings of towns and cities.Being so we shall respect and protect the “KING OF THE JUNGLE”Lets b responsible,lets save tigers and wildlife.pls pass dis msg to all those people who think that animals r good 4 nothing.pls save them.,nd pls let me know tthat wat i can do 2 b a part of this nd 2 save them.
    thanxxxxxx!!!! nd all d vey best!!!!

  142. Hi Guys..

    I really appreciate the people efforting in this serious matter.
    I dont understand why people kill animals just for their skin.
    I wold like each and every Indian to join this mission.
    My heartly wishes for u people.

  143. Hi This is Vijay from Bangalore.
    Our National animal is dying.. Please save them 1141 left I think, Please say our National Animal, This campaign to save Tiger is good.. Lots of Adds in Television in most of the channel is helping….
    Save Tiger…..


  144. hiiiiii thnk god dat you had taken such a major step i always dream of doing things like dis n i am very happy dat atleast i am playing a very vry minor role in it thankyou byeeeeeeeeee

  145. I saw this in an add very sorry n pity towards the add.So i was drived to join this associationlet me pass to many people i canto save tiger.
    Jai hind

  146. I am really very happy that u people took a very good step towards save our nature and natural gift like tigers, Its a very good job actually to protect or tigers, Thank u guys so much..

  147. It is very important to save tigers. If we do not save tigers they will be no tigers in future and they will become extinct. We should tell people not to kill tigers. We should be against killing tigers. I will always come forward to be a part with you people to save our national animal. I request you all to raise your voice and come ahead to save our national animal. The decision is up to you. Animals are as important as money and trees.The comment is written at 12:30 PM at night at

  148. Hi,

    This is Manoj, I am a geologist.
    My work is related with the mining and mineral exploration.
    In today’s fast track life we used to missed many things even our nature too.
    We used to think about all sort of the things except our nature and its environment, which we are degrading day by day. I saw advertisement about this site on TV, and thought to make a quick overview. Its good atleast one has to initiate the spark, later on people will join the way. So My heartly wishes for the team of this website.
    My native is Pachmarhi (MP), A tiger Reserve Forest. I dont have words to describe the beauty of Pachmarhi, its hills, waterfalls, and yes the green cover of thick forest. I love nature so much, I know the importance of the tigers to continue the food chain in nature.
    Well may be by creating more awareness within the general people we may not only save the remaining tigers but also can improve their natural habitat, by planting at a tree in forest instead of cutting them…..
    If the forest is save and thicker wild animals and not encroached by other, then why wildlife will come out of the forest.
    ………So admire the nature’s beauty, instead of destroying………
    …..Drive carefully in the forest area and do not use horns …
    ………If animals were crossing the road, stop the vehicle at a far distance……..

    These are some tips that we used to follow in the Jungle Area Hopes other people may follow them and will save wild life……………….


  149. This is the note to government of india to show that they are irresponsible , careless about their work …..
    wak up !!! its d time for sve them else they will dissappear ……I m wid the tigers r u ????

  150. i sneha feel so sad wen i hear there are 1411 tigers left in india.people who kill tigers should be hung to death the word hunting should be earased frm the dictnaory iam so glad to giv my point on tigers as am i animal lover and i know how do animals feel wen dhey have lost their relatives govt should take necessary initiatives to save tigers as tigers are our national animal and india whos national animal getting extinct is a pathetic news i want my india’s animal chain to go well so i want to raise a voice toward this stament frm thane

  151. We feel proud to write here. This is appreciable that you people have taken a great initiative to save our heritage – OUR NATIONAL ANIMAL- TIGERS & it is sad to know that we have left with only 1411 tigers in our beautiful nation. In this world we all co-exist and being a human species we need to be responsible enough to ensure that we should not disturb nature…. & should not destroy almighty’s creation. In 21st century we all are very busy in making money by working day and night but at the same time we own a responsibility towrds nature. So we all INDIANS are with you in this NOBLE ACT ….. realy wana help you all in this ….. GREAT JOB GROUP …. THANKS for reminding us and making us aware of what we were gona loose … SAVE TIGERS >>> HELP NATURE…..

  152. Hi,
    First of all I’d like to congratulate you for ur gr8 effort towards a diminishing race.Actually this should be begun when there were 14000 tigers.Really this a shame to all the Indians that there are only 1411 approx. tigers left for dead by the inglorious killers.
    There are the rules and regulation for saving the tigers and other animals only in the pens and papers.But those are not really working.Still now the hunting and other criminal-ism activities are frequently happening in the govt. prohibited areas for the animals.There is no strict regulations or actions to stop those things.In the Other words you can say that this happens knowingly.So to save not only the Tigers but also all the diminishing Animals and maintaining the cycle of the nature there should be a revolution.And There must be some stringent regulations for the hunters.The Hunters should be Hanged as a punishment of killing the Tigers or such animals.Or the family of the Hunter should be debarred from the society.This is the minimum punishment that Govt should do.This case must go to the Parliament for a Strict and Stringent Regulation.
    Hey guys really hats off to you because of your initiatives.I want to suggest you one thing that you please gather these feedbacks and senders, make a huge community of these people and start pressuring govt to act against this action of killing innocent animals and at the same time keep awarenessing the people about the consequence of the situation.
    I am always with u guys.And am sure that Indians will make it, which the whole world will follow.
    All the best…..

  153. i m agree to save our forest and tiger
    if i get a chance so i can do well. i love animal & tiger.
    i don’t know why people kill them.
    i think they have no knowladge.they are also keep an important role in our life.

    for begining saving tiger’s life.
    pls give me a chance for sae tiger
    i m with you

    my address- 210 marahatal jabalpur(m.p.)

  154. Hi,
    This is Trupti, from Pune.
    I saw your advertisment on Colours Channels, I really love Tigers,and ur advertisment touch my heart, really if we do something collectively for saving the tigers then it will help to protect the national animal of the nation.

    Really THANKING YOU for doing this job.


  155. Hi all,
    Its good tat we all are interested in saving our National Animal. But jus writing out these things does not mean that we are into the action of saving tigers. there should be camps and other social roleplay’s for the awareness to the socity. Let’s Stand together and save our country and our tigers.



  156. Hi, m niti. It’s great that we started caring for our resources before they ends. I heard on radio about this site. Pls let me know how we can help to save tigers. It will be great privilage to work on this.


  157. i think barbed fence will nt do much effect forest must e closed for at least 5 to 6 years & according to me poacher’s shoud be hang till death for destroiyng such a beautiful species …………………….

  158. I’m very Proud to write this comment. I think its a great move towards saving tigers

  159. hi good job guys.well iam an animal n nature lover i truely respect the beautifull gift given b god to us NATURE.i feel pity on those people who disrespect our mother nature n try to harm it.but i know at least somepeople like us can truely make a common guys.lets b proud of our national animal,n make sure we dont harm it just for OUR BENIFIT


  160. Its high time Government of India should wake up from its deep slumber over the saving of tigers.Project Tiger initiative of the Government Of India has failed miserably and has done very little towards saving tigers in India.The convenient reason cited for its failure is that the FOREST being a subject under the STATE LIST and fallls under the purview of State Government and the States are resp[onsible for the implementation of all the progects,rules, regulations,policies etc. I think its time Central Government Should revisit the State List of Subjects and put the Forest in the UNION LIST if it genuinely feels that this will help in better conservation and saving of Tigers in India. With only 1411Tigers left ,situation is quite serious and grave and immediate concrete action is desperately needed. Governments,NGOs, Corporates, individuals must ACT NOW or else a day is not far when we will be telling our kids “That ones upon a time there lived an animal called TIGER in a place Called JUNGLE…..”

  161. its good to see that an initiative has been taken
    but…….just an awareness is not enough. we have to take the remaining steps too
    not just tigers , other medicinal plants & rare animals are there whose habitat is being destroyed every minute

  162. hey it’s ankita here from Bombay…I just saw ur ad on tv..n I am so happy that u have taken this initiative..pls let’s all do sethin to save tigers..I am sure me n many other mumbaikars will be more than happy to help for this cause

  163. I strongly agree with the concept of saving tiger in India. Human kids can’t survive without theri parent. same is the case for tigers. Their kids also require love, affection and protection by theri parents. so let us all say no to purchase of products made out of tiger skin.

  164. Hi friend

    This saquib siddiqui from Delhi .I saw adv. Its my great pleasure to express my views through this port. Tigers are been always the wonderful creature of Nature. We already lost too much these are our heritage of the earth not only in india. It will definately create trendous and positive impact on showing our pity on tigers and its generation.

    Once again good step.!!!!

  165. Hi, ..m ankita 4rm chandigarh. Saw this add on t.v. .it shocked me , 1411 , it,s a shame for whole nation. I really appreciate your effort towards it and it will definetly make more people aware. keep it up!! we al r with u and want u to let us know if we could be of any help.
    It’s time to tighten up our belts and jump into the fight against them who are hurting our national heritage due to their selfish motives.SAVE TIGERS.

  166. Don’t think that we can’t do anything for them…….atleast we can discuss among our group……..what difference will it make???….it will make a huge impact, at least we can help disseminate the sympathy for the endangered species….who knows someone from us only are related anyways to the merciless actors, who had impacted the species so brutally………… an initiative to control damage from our side defenitely will percolate down the line and will make killers to atleast realise the impact, even if not all but some reformation can bring a huge change….
    This small initiative can be a nuclear initiative , be positive and optimistic……do write , discuss, speak up ………………..

  167. I have an opinion to save tigers,not only tigers but all the animals and solve the problem of land scarcity.
    In all cities, instead of building short 6-7 floors we can create/upgrade them to skyscrapers so that in a short plot many people can live,which will solve the problem of land scarcity resulting to reduce in cutting of tress.
    I hope my opinion would be taken seriously and the tiger population would go on increasing. SAVE TIGERS , they are precious.

  168. Hi
    this is srujana from Hyderabad.
    recently I saw ur add on tv,it’s a very good step to create awareness among people regarding the need for saving our environment.I hope in future u would take many other steps to protect other endangered species in our environment. Let

  169. given at this time saving means lot more than helping it.

    has it means “Nobody wants to be the last one there
    ‘Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
    Is there somebody else that feels the same somewhere?”

  170. something more is to be done…to save them who are proud of our country and we indians..initiative by everyone at their ends. stop usage of items n discourage animal killing. they have their own world with love ones and life!!
    please rise…rise as one to STOP ANIMAL KILLING

  171. Myself Deepak Joshi from Delhi. The way your team is working is appreciable. I also want to join and want to save the tigers in India by joining your team.
    With regards
    Deepak, M.Sc.(Microbiology),DCA
    Mobile no.- 09968371539


  173. hi this is Nitin from Chandigarh …………… watching the ad really makes me feel ashamed of our Human race ……… we are filled cruelty ……….plzzzz lets make it applicable for all animal species and saver them ………. any ideas how can wwe help …….. please let us know if any suppport required ………

  174. Tigers form the important components of our ecosystem, take tigers out the equation, the chain reaction will strart bringing about the dooms day. Our national animal “the king of the jungle” needs our help to survive, with only 1400 of the left in the wild we have to act. It is now or never. May be something can be done taking example from china, how much the chinese have done to save their national pride, the Panda. Tiger is our nation’s pride, it would be a national disgarce to see the mighty cat become extinct.


  175. Every one of us just keeps chatting and writing about saving tiger. Should not we do something practical, like the “Chipko Andolan” as it was done to save trees. We have brought the tigers at the verge of extinction and we have to act as human shields to protect them. I think the cause of saving tigers is worth few human lives. It is dishartening to see them die for no fault of theirs.

    Naveen Hakhoo

  176. Hi! this is Mansi from Mumbai. i liked the way your group came forward to help our National Animal. Now-a-days we hear and see the injustice going on animals everyday on channels. You people are really doing a great job. I personally have pets at home i can understand their feelings, so please say me any help which is possible i am ready to help you to help animals.

  177. Yes I will support the save tigers march…… as per me all the animals should be saved… and not eaten….I know all non-vegetarians feel bad but what you eat is also a animal… and somebody gave birth to it….

  178. Article 51A of the Constitution of India embodies and recognizes the principles of interdependence of animals and men on each other and emphasises the need for compassoin towards them by providing that the duty of every citizen of india ” to protect the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and to have compassion for living creatures. Saving this, we have done every thing to vandalise our natural environment and destroy wild life, we have forgot the real essence of being human. The tigers are dying and we are still sleeping, it is better to wake up now and work for the cause of saving tiger before it is too late.

    Naveen Hakhoo

  179. Would take pride to save the pride “MIGHTY TIGER” in each and every way.
    Tiger Tiger burning bright, will not let you fade out of sight, that is my promise and for you we will fight………

    Naveen Hakhoo, JRF

  180. Hi,
    Congratulation for thinking of saving national animal.
    Now each and everybody should have to think that if our national animal will be lost then no animal can take that place.
    So we should have to save tigers.
    any ideas how can we help

  181. Hi this is Sohini Gupta from Kolkata . we are all eager to assist in every possible way , no way we can allow Tigers to just diminish in numbers and finally disappear

    Any effort which I can make towards this cause please let me know .


  183. I am really feel very happy to write this mail towards saving tigers.
    time has come to do something for them. We must understand the value of tigers. Lets do something for them.

    I really appreciate your job …….
    thanks for giving me this opportunity. Save Tiger & be happy ..
    Pradeep Bisht

  184. good work.really this is our duty to save tigers.
    i really appreciate your job.i am also interested to take part in this great work.
    i am sure that if we all are united then obhiously we will be successful.

  185. Hi,
    This is definitely a good initiative;
    I appreciate the efforts taken by few good individuals in this cause.
    there are hardly 1000+ tigers left in India, and some are in the Zoos only. Our children will not be able to figure out “What our National Animal is ” and how it looks like that….


  186. hi
    i m poojaa. i loved the way ur working for the sake of saving tigers. and i also want to support u. let me know wat can we do from our side.

  187. you are doing what is really great in all manners .if i could do something else other than this mail i shall feel blessed.I personnally think there be more strictness in this direction leggally .At last this all matter is more important for we humans not for tigers because they innocent even do not know how to protest crime

  188. i m kindly heart to say that
    NOW our country has been WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!
    to feel b the save us national animal and take care of tiger bcaz the no of our tiger is only 1411?
    NOW i can say that our country has take a right decission to save tiger!!

    i m with you!!!!
    AND ALSO I want to be part of Project Tiger and save Tigers
    It will be my pleasure

  189. Hi this is ankur from agra The way your team is working is appreciable,Its good tat we all are interested in saving our National Animal. But jus writing out these things does not mean that we are into the action of saving tigers. there should be camps and other social roleplay

  190. Great initiative!!!!
    Its sad to know that only 1411 tigers left in our country, which is our national animal.
    All of us should do something to save them.

  191. i m kindly heart to say that
    NOW our country has been WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!
    to feel b the save us national animal and take care of tiger bcaz the no of our tiger is only 1411?
    NOW i can say that our country has take a right decission to save tiger!!

    Great dicission i am always with u…





  194. I m very happy to see the worldwide movements towards saving the tigers and i hope more and more people will help us to save the tigers.

    As Tiger is our national animal, we should do more to save them and provide them their natural homes so they can grow up freely.

  195. hi,
    Tiger the name it self gives us proudness to have such a wonderful and magnificent creature of this planet near us. but some people are always on the opposite side of the line and that hurts very badly… the other day i went to Nagzira along with my college legal aid camp we spotted a tigress and her cub, while the sighting was being done one of he person had blown his horn,,, that after coming to the gate i wanted to lodge complaint but [identifiable content removed] there was no complained book available with him and showed a very reluctant attitude… this friends really hurts…

    1. @all

      This is a request to everyone. Please desist from named accusations and hearsay. We seek to point out anomalies in the system or wrong attitudes in general and educate people and discuss options.

  196. Most of all i would like to thank the initiator and the concern people.
    And i will really feel very good if some how i would be able to help you people.
    Its really a great step.
    Thank you
    Gaurav chhabra
    MBA(4th semester) student

  197. Hi,

    This is udhaya fron chennai. It is very shocking to know the lives of tigers are diminishing now a days.

    It is happy to see such initiatives to save our national animal.
    please let me know what we have to do to save our resource.


  198. save them only 1411 left
    they are our national animal & only few are left govt sholud take care for them

  199. gr8 thing guys,

    Its really annoying that there are only 1411 tigers left in our country. Now we should come together and preserve this national wealth. At times India was know as land of Tigers. It will be a national shame if we fail to do so!!

    You guys are really doin gr8 job, please let us know if you need any kind of help!!!!!!!!!

  200. Dear sir, its a great initiative taken by u …. Your adds are realy touching.
    For my people i just wana say……..” Show your creativity on canvas , not on the skin of animals”……….. SAVE TIGER………Its our responsibility because v had destroyed it..
    thank you

  201. i am just 14 but i an scared about the extinction of tigers ass well as other animals.
    any 1 cant think that he or she killed a tiger and its a thing to be a hero or be proud of its a like of noobness . I EVER shot a pigeon and i was scared that his or her family we be worrying for him after that i never shot an animal and also leaved eating non-veg . but what can i do by posting this comment we should do any thing CAN WE?

  202. This problem can not be seen in isolation. Every pride of being an Indian has been destroyed systematically by some sinister design. Be it Indian culture, be it Indian mythology, be it Indian way of living.. and whatsoever

  203. Hi thanx a ton for starting this initiative to save our national animal TIGER.
    Please tell me what i can do to contribute to this project.

  204. Its really great to know that there are people who really care about nature and want to do something about it. I appreciate your efforts towards saving our tigers and I’m ready to support the cause in whatever way I can.
    It would be nice if you could give some directives regarding how the common man can contribute towards this cause. I’m sure a lot of people would be willing to take part in this endeavor.
    I wish you all the very best..

  205. a tiger roars
    the whole jungle hears it
    but because of the devil hunter
    the sounds are lost
    minimize your needs
    AND ‘SAVE TIGERS’ please

  206. pls dont take the above words as a poem it is a serious matter to talk i a student of 7 std is taking it so seriously pls pay att on it a beg to the people living plz save not only tiger but all the animals

  207. I am happy to know that our nature lovers are trying best to save the nature. i would like to be a part of this great deed. while watching TV i saw that tigers are being hunted from India and their body parts are exported to China. It’s the ever worst news that i heard . i just want to say that this initiative should force our government to make strict laws that would really work for these innocent tigers. once India was full of natural vegetation and wildlife but now we can only see some of them left. if quick and effective measures are not being taken than we the people should get ready to see the bad results of poaching not only of tigers but of other animals too. what about the poachers who are hunting and our very intelligent government is unable to catch them? it’s really a matter of concern.

  208. Hi!
    Indeed a great thought. Save tigers and save Globe. My questions still remian the same, what plans does AIRCEL have for it. Do u think by sendimg mails we are gonna save Tigers. No , we won’t. So please tell what are we planning to do and how can we be a HELP to you this Project. We shall act asap coz the delay can even get the count to 1400 . So ACT FAST


  209. So pleased to know that so many people are involved in this task and ready to give der best efforts to save our national animal.. M ready to give my best wud be glad to know what i can do fr it. Do let us know hw can we help.
    Thanx n regards.

  210. hi guys.. i m nitin ahire.. i m in nasik..
    i just love tiger… please let me knw hw can i help to save him !!!!!!!!

  211. I was really shocked when I came to know that the numbers of tigers in India left are 1411.I was watching Discovery channel. And really touched by the the video shown on it. I am eager to help the organisation at any cost


  212. hey guys this is suhas, m from belgaum…..its very good to see that u guys r doing a gr8 job… an environment lover…….please let me know if i can be of any help to this initiative…..

  213. we should be save tiger
    it’s most popular animal noly 1411 tiger left in’s bad for us and bad for nature

    I love tigers

    i am dinesh ghanchi
    from sirodi, dist-sirohi,rajasthan

  214. Dear Team,
    my heartiest wish for the initiatives.
    my feeling is, every indian today should feel this as a responsibility and duty to save the remaining tigers in what way possible by them. along with that, all responsible indians should pass on the massge to people influenced by them, the importance of this projects specially the new generation.this sense of responsibility should be penitrated deep into individual heart, so that every one shall include a dream of seeing tigers in the wild only, and not just in the books as extinct species .

    but as a immediate steps, what i feel every reserves in india shall be protected with the highest tools available right from the involvement of administrative level to the peoples training part.

    And the level of commitment should come form the heart, only then we can again dream of visiting bandhapgarh or sundarbans with an excitement of seeing tigers lurking from the shadow to fight his battle of survival after 20yrs from now.

    Human as the supirior race above all species, its us who should sit and think for a moment, That Mather Nature shall have to be respected the way it has to be, else its no long that the so called supirior race would also be extinct, and for them there will be nobody who will try to know them in the books either.

  215. Hi Guys
    I am very very Happy after hearing this. I love the beautiful creation of God- Tiger
    And I will do whatever I can to save this beatiful animal. Guys if you need any kind of help just shoot me a mail. All the very best. May God bless you.

  216. hai,
    guys good job iam waiting to help you guys and your requests invited,i will do my best on this goal of saving our national animal which should remain the same for years and to develop thir population. keep on going guys.
    and i thank aircel for being a partner in this social factor.

  217. Hi…
    Glad to b a part of this effort..
    People who’ve initiated it hv really done a great job…
    Wish u guyz all d vry best !!

  218. We have to save them not because its our national animal its a life and more over everything on earth has the right we has humans have human activities and human rights and many organizations to fight for life and rights. They don’t have any of these things and everything in this world is a chain is definitely interconnected with nature.We need to save them coz they have the right to live and in-turn we will be saving our selves from the damage caused by disturbing the chain of nature . Let us all fight and do what best we can do from our end to save Tigers not only them but all the animals and plants around us.. If everyone takes 5 mins of their time to pledge do their best lot of things can happen. So please i urge everyone to take time off for our nautre and animals . They need to live and they have the right too. So please help saving these poor creatures and increasing their number.

  219. There should be no tiger hunters. We should care for our tigers.

  220. dis is r life………..without d tigers r lifes is like…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….so plz join d mission to save tigers and save are country PLEASE…………………..”WE CAN WE WILL”

  221. Dear All,

    Its time we woke up and strongly took action to save not only the tigers, but the whole of nature from her worst enemy, us, the mankind. I appeal to all of you, let us consider what effect each of our actions can have on nature. Let us stop each inconsiderate act fearlessly. The tiger cub shown in the ad is just one of the helpless, innocent creature that waits endlessly for the warm embrace of its mother.We have hundreds of such young ones waiting for their mothers which are hunted down.

    People, all of who, whose heart pains for that cub,come and contact each other, so that we can do our best to give back nature at least one millionth of what she has so lovingly given to us.

    Prashanti Jamadar

  222. Hi,

    It is a good initiative. HELP SAVE TIGERS……………
    This is a great way this message can pass over the entire human community.

  223. Tiger is our NATIONAL ANIMAL and we should do more than best so that we can see them live even when we are old..

  224. Goverment need to take strong action so that we can show our children our natinal animal live rather than showing them in pics or on net. In this increasing inflation humans were not left atleast government should take care of our national animal. They cannot do or say anyting to save themself but our governemtn can do.. instead of sitting and saying they should show result

  225. Dear Team,

    My heartiest wish for the initiatives.U guys r really doing a great job n i m with u.

  226. There are only 1411 tigers left.
    This is my request to all my fellow citizens,
    Please Join the mission & save our tigers, they are depleting because of us, if we would not save them, then the whole nature will be destroyed & at last we wont be any more!!!!!!

  227. Hi,

    It is good, need to do work from ground level,

    Let’s know how can i help to save our Animals & nature. It’s our responsibility, we should not depend upon governement.

    Save TIGERS to save HUMINITY !!

  228. being human we should try behave as like human we should love our animals as they to are part of our nature why we should kill tiger or allow anyone to kill such a beautiful animal which has been surving for many ages with human race we need a very strong statement from our people and try to save this wonderful beast save tiger is doing a wonderful job we sincerely should try not kill or allow any one to kill why tiger any animal in this planet i hope we human start doing some thing for this animal as their is a love for every one

  229. Friend,
    this is mahesh paymal & i am very happy that You have taken good initiative into this.
    i have started my small initiative to write about tigers with the help of a blog. so if you are really interested to spread this change into the country then give my blog address to others also.
    mahesh paymal

  230. Dear friends,
    At present we teach children there was an animal called Dinosar, but now it is no more. The same fact occurs if we do not save our national animal Tiger. so we each and every Indian should join save tigers team. My hearty wishes for the save tigers team & I wish you all the best to all your efforts come true & total no of tigers very soon become a 5 digit number. all the best

  231. India has many wealth and lot of pride….TIGERS are first among them..they depict our POWER
    COURAGE..we are BORN in such a NATION….if they are saved..our biggest wealth
    would be saved too..SAVE TIGERS….
    im eager to help in this project..who are involved in this can contact me at

  232. Hi …. what matter more is to know why inspite of all the plans it is diminishing ..It’s time seriously to sit and ponder over the crisis . It’s time for action ..time to analyize every root cause behind the perpetual decreasing figures

  233. Hi, this is Umesh from Pune. Plz let me know how can we help to save tigers and animals. I

  234. Being a responsible citizen of our country its my moral duty to join this organization. but i want to know how can i do something to SAVE THE NATIONAL PRIDE. i’ll be very glad if i can contribute in this mission.

  235. hi….it will be immence pleasure for me if u give me a chance to be a part of this intiative to save our beautiful national animal…..its necessary to save tigers not only because tigers are our national animal but its also very much necessary for nature balance…i’m ready with full enthusiasm to do anything to save them. it will be proud for me to do something for them..
    thanks n may god give us success.

  236. hi..the advertisement running now a days to save tigers by aircel is really heart touching n i’m sure that after viewing this majority of indians will become ready for ur support to save our national animal. i’m one of them…pls give me achance to do something for our nation’s pride n beautiful animal..

  237. SAVE TIGERS !!! … it is a statement to make us realize to SAVE EARTH…as from our childhood we come to know that tiger is the king of jungle… but have we ever tried to think about it that why our seniours say that ….most of us don’t know or may have never ever given a thought to it or the ones who gave might have thought as tigers being a powerful carnivores he makes any animal his food…but to my thought he is just abiding the rules & regulation made by Almighty GOD & that is important for the usual life to be going on earth…thus he being the king of jungle helps in controlling not just the FAUNA life on earth but also checks the FLORAL life… as killing a deer which is a complete hervivores increases the plant life…. this is the answer that y tiger is considered as the king of jungle…similarly calling TIGERS AS NATIONAL ANIMAL we INDIANS to must stress on this point that only 1411 are left & that too under conservation… common let us make a single voice to save our NATIONAL HERO…common we must common altogether against POACHING…now the time has come not to make any more laws instead follow them…& this message is not just conveyed to INDIA but to the world-SAVE TIGERS!!! SAVE EARTH….. LETS MAKE THIS EARTH A PLACE FOR ALL…

  238. Hi there to All,

    It’s pride for me & every citizen to join this Perstigious organizaton,
    Me & my frnds decided to visit national park (Bangalore & Mysore)
    so the contribution paid for park will be used for maintainance of tigers & other animals, we also taken outh for adapoting tigers.

    Save Tiger, Save nation & its pride

    Bala (Proud to be Indian)

  239. Hi,

    I heared about the Save Tigers.

    We should save tigers, it is a pride and prestige of our Nation. I don’t like to see the animals in cage, i want that it should be kept free, as I once saw in National geographical Channel. We should also have strict laws against people who kills a animals & Trees.

    This is very serious issue, each and every indians should come ahead and contribute to save tigers.


  240. Dear friends,
    Tigers are on the threshold of extinction. According to WWF, Tigers are amongst the ten most endangered species in the world. Over the last century more than 95% of the Tiger population has been wiped out & three sub-species are already extinct. Less than 3500 tigers remain in the wild today with around 50% in India & their numbers are declining fast. pls SAVE TIGERS………..

  241. Hi All,

    Its not enough to write here, but we have to stop using leather.
    It will save not only tiger but other animal too.


  242. Hi Tigers!!!!
    My name is Rajesh,
    It’s really wonderful thought & must to job. We are all only talikng/ seeing in TV/ magazines /Ads etc. But I really wonder, how can we (I) put our real effort to achieve this goal. Just talking cannot help to do this. If some body can explain to me what should we(I) do to seriously work on this activity. Many of us don’t know how can we contribute in this great job & keeping silent watching Ads.I have got many friends around me who can really take up this very seriously. You can contact me on my cell:09849476566 or email:
    It’s pleasure here from you & work together to save our national animal.
    Good Luck Tigers…


  243. hiiii
    to all the readers of this article

    frns tigres in our country are vanishing very fast as we are the youth of today’s world we should try to help NGOs and goverment to save the tigres,it is our national animal and we should try to save them.plz try to follow the rules made by the government to save the animals of the country this is a really very humbble request to all of u my dear frnds….


    Ritika(proud to e an Indian)

  244. its amazing to c this sort of awareness that ur organization has created…………..
    i also pledge to do my level best 2 contribute in ur initiative………… pls let me knw hw can i contribute and act as an active citizen…..

  245. I am ready to give a part of my life to save our national Animal..I love tigers…whenever I see them I always feel with joy..I have been to Sunderban to have a glimpse of tiger…but I couldn’t see any….

    We are capable enough to save our tigers but the problem is with the our corrupt bureucrats, politicians, middle men and the age old weapons given to our forest rangers….Its time to make some amendments at the Centre level without any vote to power politics….Lets fight with these people only then we can save our Tigers……

  246. Hi……
    This is really a great step and I am happy that there are people in India who think about such grave problems.I will be glad to help u ppl in this effort.

    Save Tigers and Save Earth..


  247. H i frnds,

    Its our national duty to save our national animal. So that coming generations can also njoi the sheer beauty of tiger.

  248. Are we humna beings …do you ppl thik so..if think so then please save them as sson as possible…If we don’t think about them then who will think…we can not be so much selfish …we eat everything whichever we like….but it is so pathetic to think about to destroy all the tigers…the people who are doing these crime identify them is it is happening infront of you…and just call the police immediately…Save the tigers ..there is nothing to say guys are smart enough….

  249. I am suggesting that our rules should be made very very strict and the punishment very harsh against poaching.

    The law should be designed as though – If anyone seen in the jungle with a Rifle or a Gun or any other lethal weapon which could damage the wildlife or been seen encroaching the jungle land and making a settlement there, should be sentenced to death. Only this law and strict implementation of this law can curb the poaching. Unfortunately, in our country such harsh punishments does not exist anymore.

    We all have interest in saving tigers and the wildlife in general, and we all should write to the authorities and show the unity amount ourselves in saving tigers. Just by writing this blog we will not attract any attention from the law makers or authorities. These blogs are to be directed to the concerned and should be made sure that this attracts the attention of the concerned.

    Also extensive campaign should be made against using tiger products. Tiger products do not have a market in India and it is sure being sent to other countries. If any consignment been detected in any of the airports, that should be treated with utmost seriousness and in short, it should be made clear to everyone that India is taking this matter very very seriously and people who are connected to this trade will face a harsh punishment.

    Only these methods will achieve the much desired results.

    Please publish this and make everyone know that how serious the problem is and how serious the people are in this issue.

    Man cannot be the only living being on this planet.


  250. hi all

    you guys r doing a great task and i m sure we together can complete this task and me and my friends are ready to win this task . e need more manpower and together we can accomplish this mission…we have to maintain a balance with nature
    *stop cutting down rainforests
    *stop using the animal skin made goods

    in the mission of saving the tigers we can automatically get another benefit of saving the forests as we know without forest we can not live and it give us air,provide us the water,stop the pollution and maintain the specific temperature…so save the forests and in this way we can save the tigers….IT IS OUR MISSION TO SAVE OUR NATIONAL ANIMAL

    thank you
    mandeep singh D

  251. Great Job! Friends..
    Am from Tirupur,Friends..We will definitely put our hands together for Support Save Tiger project,..Please Let us know what steps to be taken for protect them.

    few points from my side:
    1.This project has to be reached all over India.
    2.The Govt.should seroiusly consider this is an important issue & take step like spread this project to catch most of the people in india[ like the way of advertizing,in news paper,website,sms,all TV channels[ free of cost]
    3.The law has to strict to punish them immediately.
    4.The forest ministry should involve full fledged to protect the tigers.
    5.Very importantly,Medically We should make the correct enviromental for the tigers to increase birth rate,reproductive System,increase the population,particularly take steps for the growth of Female tigers
    s well, Thankyou for this chance, All the very Animals.

  252. hi everybady plz save tree & tiger. It is a natural of leaving animal.
    plz stop the tree cuting & save tiger now but every animal save help. Plz plz plz plz .

  253. i happy about you guys beacuse u R Doing Such Nice job.This is very nice Work to see our national animal again in our country not just in a small quantity but in a large portion.If we Try more for that than our dreams for growing tigers should be comes true.

    iam watching ur add at poster and tv channels. i liked it so much……………

    Save Tigers Please………………………………


  254. It is great iniciative. Hope we should be successful in this project…..Otherwise we may have to preserve photographs of tigers for the generations to come……


  255. I m very happy for those persons who have made an attempt to
    as tigers also have right to live in this world……………there are only some tigers in India are left so, we should make every posibble act to save them………and i hope that this attemt will effect on some extent……………………..

  256. Hi, I am Paul from Hyderabad,
    This is not the first time that the tigers are getting disappeared..
    but thanks to the project tiger, India. and all others..
    To give more awareness for save tigers put themes in orkut, facebook.. etc
    give more rewards to person who informs about the culprits killing the Tigers.
    and kill the culprits too.. most of the crime is done with the help of the officials
    so serious actions against them.
    if in any way i can help you let me know..
    God bless you all in this Mission Tiger. (i.e SAVE TIGERS)
    Thank you.

  257. thre are only 1411 tigers left in india plzzzzz for god sake help them…… we indians are so proud to say tht we keep our animals like our child but our national animal is only dissapearing i have done my bit now its ur turn to plzzz save them and join the roar ….. plzzz i love ma country and i will help them will u????? bye and save tigers

  258. this job is very nice tht u people are doing tell me ur initiave and i have a large nbo. of people who will help u in this mission

  259. Hello all
    I am very happy while writing this message that some how we all are very much in need to save our national animal.This is the time for all of us to come together and save our National animal.
    Iwould hearty request you all to pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee save tigers.

    Vaibhav Kulkarni

  260. Its very proud to know about the initiative that you people have taken for saving tigers.It is the duty of every indian to take part in this initiative,so m i,it is a very important issue of saving our nation’s pride.More tiger reserve forest areas are necessary and strict prohibition by rangers in those areas are necessary.Govt should restrict forest abolition.Tigers need much more area for their private life and they should be kept as far as possible from human population.

  261. Hi this is Rajesh B M and Dr.Kingston.. I believe, at this point of time, to save tigers we have to do more than just make an effort as the situation is now critical. Your move in this context is commendable and every little effort will make an impact to correct the situation which is becoming grim by the day.
    However, as a lay person, no matter how much i want to contribute in lending my support to rectify the problem, there is no clarity as to what to do and how. I believe no matter how much we empathise with the issue, but unless we go to the cause of this inhuman activities, we will not be able to accomplish much. We have to round up the culprits who indulge in this cruel activity

  262. hi,

    I would like to help the initiaters of “Save Tigers” , as i m b…i…..g….. fan of tigers . Kindly let me know on my email id, how could i help save tigers and also other animals.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity ….


  263. Hi ,

    We are very happy for your interest over the tigers left out in INDIA, but with the law & order in our country its very difficult to save our tigers, we have to take action on our own and punish those poachers who kill tigers & other wild animals for commercial purpose by striping there skins & bones & send it to there houses .

    We would be happy to be a part of your organization & support you to get the dream of of entire nation to save tigers & other animals .

    All the very best for your aim and we all are hear to support you , 🙂

  264. Hi,

    Firstly I want to say thanks, and heartly appriciate this efffort to save the tigers.further I would like to get guidece from your side to me that what I can do to save tigers at my level because it’s not matter of interest but it’s our responsibility towards nation and innocent animales……..


    God would reward and Bless you,

    Thank you,

  265. Hi,

    Sitting in office, open website and reply comments only… its really so impractical step to save tiger…..

    If i get proper guidence to do better for nature and animals, i m ready to leave my job right now… last time i visited gangotri and yamunotri, found human encrochment everywhere, our forest and glacior getting far and farn away every year.

    it reducing our forest and putting many lives in danger.

    We really need to do somthing that save our forest and tigers

    Rohit Sagar, INDIA

    1. @Rohit Sagar
      Please see our “what to do” post and some other comments in reply to similar queries/suggestions.

  266. It is a sad story that today we are left with only 1400 Tigers whereas their approximate population in forties was about 40,000.What a great achievement for all of us especially those who are entrusted with the responsibility to look after the big cats! It is indeed a matter of shame that no one is bothered to look at this national disaster. [some content removed (but is being forwarded to NTCA) -admin] Why cannot the Forest Department be a little more serious to this catastrophe? Villagers are poisoning the carcasses. Poachers move around freely. Besides Tiger/Leopard Skins,their bones,whiskers,claws ,fat, tentacles ,etc are sold.Their habitat is threatened.The movement corridors now house hotels & resorts.Every day ,new resorts are being constructed.Birth day parties,marriages ,dance & drink sessions& ‘burn out week ends’ with blaring music are held all around the NCR.VIPs have special places to stay inside.Special Safaris are organised for special people.What is all this !Are we a civilized Nation ?It pains & hurts badly.Has the Govt & the Forest Deptt given up ?They should say so. As it is ,the NCR territory is shrinking day by day.To top it up,if the Kalagarh-Ramnagar Road is metaled,it will be a REAL DISASTER! [some content removed] I appeal to all countrymen to take up this issue at all levels & forums.We should save our TIGERS & LEOPARDS.Either we save our FLORA & FAUNA,or we perish.

    1. @Lt Gen Dr Mohan Bhandari

      We appreciate your feelings, but we could not publish the comment as it is, due to publishing policies. But your original comment is being forwarded verbatim, to the NTCA.

  267. HEY

    great thing

    it’s really nice to see that people are taking steps for saving the tigers and preserving wildlife …………..HOPE IT WILL WORK n there will be no loss in the future…………….

  268. Guys……..wake up…lets save our nathional pride,our national animal………..lets not loose this wealth,,,,,,,,,AS WE ALL LOVE OUR ENVIRONMENT,,,OUR COUNTRY










  271. Raat ki tanhaai me wo aawaaj diya karte hai,
    Raat me sitaaron se roshni liya karte hai,
    Wo na rahee yadi hamaare desh me,
    Ham to bas taswiron me unhe dekha karte hai.
    think about them and do your best for saving the national pride.

  272. Great initiative!! Ashwini, from Mumbai. Eagerly wish to support this cause. Please do let us know how we can contribute.


  273. Dear All,

    First of all lots of thanks for such a splendid initiative. Though its nice to see so many responses, but to be honest I expected more. Probably it indicates the lack of awareness of the importance of wildlife even among the educated Indian population.

    Hope the informed group members are doing their bit to address this issue of education, not only to the urban people but also to the rural population.

    Also I feel poaching is one of the major issues to be addressed here. But I also feel that no matter how and whatever guidelines are framed, the issue cant be resolved unless we find an alternative livelihood for the “poachers”. I would like the group to have a thought process on this too.

    Promising all my assistance to save the wildlife in anyways possible.

    Thanks & Cheers once again for such an initiative!!

    Debaditya Ghosh

  274. Hi… very very Congratulations and thank you for thinking and working towards saving Tigers. I am happy to write this mail as I have seen advertisement on Tv. Writing this mail gives me enormous pleasure that we at last started working towards saving our nature and animals.

    Great Job!!!

    Thanks & Wish you all the best.

    Sanjay Gajjar

  275. Hi !
    Great work,folks.Its great relief to see that people are waking up to this cause.I saw the advertisement in business standard.It depicted a tiger cub waiting for its mother,who was probably not coming back ! It was heartrending advertisement.I have always felt pangs of anguish and frustration whenever I have come across a new freshly-dwindled number of Tigers left in our motherland,on mother earth.

    Its time everyone does his/her bit for this.It’s for our own siblings,the children of Mother Earth.

    – Aniket.

  276. please save tigers. Remmber animal are very important. The decision is on you.


  277. I love all the animals & creatures.
    I hate people who kill them just for money.

    this is a great thought to save tigers

  278. Hi!!
    Its a gud step towards the problems wich tigers have in our country….its our duty to save our national animal……..thanks for ur idea towards dis problem……we can save if we join to a single group of citizen….”COMMON INDIA”

    !!!…………JAI HO…………..!!!

  279. hiiii ,im really happy dat atleast we started thnking about saving animals of our country…plzzz tell me how to join such communities n how to work with them . i would be greatful if u people would help me ……i would also lik to telll all the people of india dat plzz dont kill animals…they contribute a lot to our ecosystemm.

  280. i just love wildlife………….

    i feel we make sum the law to save tigers ………..

    i feel every indian think towards this ones in day that will change the think very well stop cutting forest . if we stop doing that it will work so we can save our TIGER & wild life this nature gift give by god .

    plzzz tell me how to join such communities .

  281. HI.. I am Nitin from Mumbai.. just to add i think ther are lot of forest areas available in the Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg area where such reserves can be proposed. Such areas are free from any encroachments & are a perfect habitat for the tigers.. with ample of natural food available for them.. with proper security the tiger population can really go up in such areas.

  282. Hi!!! myself Vaun Srivastava,i m from Gorakhpur……….actually the most important thing to work on this project is that whatever resources we have we should work serious on that………The Govt. of India should take serious step on stopping encroachment as well as our duty is to cooperate with govt. to stop this thing……because when we will unite on this project then we will get the better result…………

  283. Hello everyone … Its Great to see tht so many of us are now trying to involve ourselves in this “Save Tigers” project… but if i’m not wrong.. only writting comments , blogs or creating awarness thro mails , msgs wont work ..we must do something more. Something more strong… Wht do u ppl say. we can share ideas and work on this . no just talking but it should be in our day to day action. By this we could save not only our tigers but also other endangered animals … think abt it!! suggest few ideas.. i’m sure if we all work together we can do it …

  284. Hi ! The Save the Tiger campaign requires a comprehensive approach and will require all the stakeholders to come together on the same platform. Without such an approach the efforts are bound to fail. Firstly let us list out the stakeholder;
    1. Direct – Those who live in the vicinity of the Tiger Habitat
    2. Indirect – People at large
    3. Non Profit Organisations
    4. Enviornment Ministry at the Centre & the State
    5. Ministry of Law & Ministry of Home

    The conservation efforts have to address the concerns and issues of each of the stakeholders. The Direct Stakeholders have to be educated on the issue of the need of conservation and as also explore rehabilitation of people who are living in sensitive areas. The Indirect Stakeholders have to be involved and informed of the concerns and larger eco system preservation issues. Non Profit Organisation which are doing commendable socio-economic development work in the areas need to be channelized (no point in re-inventing the wheel) for both advocacy as well assistance in relocation and rehabilitation of the people out of sensitive areas.

    The ministry needs to provide proper regulatory and budgetary support towards the programme for reclaiming tiger conserve areas and promoting the tourism industry (as has been successfully done in the African countries) involving employment opportunities for the local people as well as greater involvement of the responsible corporates those that are into leisure industry. Quota with proper training for such personnel can be introduced to support these programmes. The relationship has to become symbiotic and complimentary to each other. Law enforcement mechanisms have to be strengthened with much overdue upgrade of the Forestry and Wild Life management personnel in terms of facilities, infrastructure etc., at par with the Police and the Para Military forces.

    We as the people have to shun orthodox beliefs and change our lifestyles to curb our unending desire for environmentally unfriendly products and initiate and participate in such efforts.

  285. This is Praneet(9449779071) from Bangalore:
    I am not from any animal protection club, But i feel that to maintain the Eco-system in right order it’s of very need save tiger by creating special protective places for them..
    Of course Tiger is our NATIONAL ANIMAL… And it’s our responsibility to preserve their live for our next generation, no through blogs or photos but through active work…

  286. Great job!

    As the fact is that we take pride in mentioning that Tiger is Indian national animal, it is really thought provoking & embarrasing that only 1411 tigers are left.

    Similarly the fact that we consider ourselves as the leaders on earth, it is pity that we have been not able to safeguard one of the geatest heritage of the Earth.

    Act now or never thats what the facts & figures says!

  287. At last! we are doing something to save our Nation animal. It is not too late. We can still do something to save the pride of India. We cannot let this majestic animal fade away. We got to do something. I am glad we are all together in this great cause. I totally support this cause. But to make this a success the Government should take a hard stand on this and prosecute people who indulge in poaching. This can only happen if we have more stricter laws and the people who indulge in poaching should think twice before doing something like this. Let us all unite together in this great cause and make this a success.

  288. hi m harish frm bangalore n i love ur work doing in saving tigers but i dont wanna boast words here b,cas know nothing happens leaving just a message here wanna be involved with u ppl in ny way n i feel its not ny help m doing here its our duty n responsiblity to be thr. had not got proper challel to do all these tings n if needed ready to serve ur org sopls let me know if needed n my contact no is 9342882968 n m frm bangalore , thanks

  289. Hey! great job. Your advertisement truly shakes the heart. It is a wonder approach and definitely deserves a great appreciation. I don’t believe that its not too late but it is definitely better be late than never……..
    When I was in my school, in 2003-04, I participated in THE TIGER PROJECT. It was an attempt to save the tigers and to create an awareness. It is my lack of knowledge that if any as such project is still on. Well, very few school (that I know) in KOLKATA, have no as such project.
    As school is the foundation of one’s life, the required awareness must be ingrained from this primary level. Though subject like environmental education have been introduced, a separate project can fetch more attention. A summer camp (on save tigers) can also add to the awareness. If we all work together, we will succeed, and that’s for sure………..

  290. Hi…i am Tripti from Jaipur….the 1st thing whn i sw the ad on tv ws i cried….it really shaked my heart…my niece n nephew who r in play school have understood the meaning of the ad so ppl here i can just request tht if childen can understand thn y cnt we….let hold hands in hands n SAVE TIGERS AND ALL ANIMALS…..

  291. really it us a great pleasure that u have initiated to protect us . because human is survivng till are animals are surviving. so I on the behalf of my friends would really happy to help u. in any way u want .
    its my general appeal to all indians to do more and more plantation.


    1. @vinay

      LOL! We too don’t have tigers. Our countries dense forests have the tigers and they are on the brink of extinction because the much needed forest cover is fast depleting. So, we have have to work directly and indirectly to increase the forest cover. Keep reading our posts for ideas on things to do.

  292. i really luv tigers n they r our national animal too……………
    its actully worse to no that only 1411 tigers r left in india…
    this one is frm the heart…
    request to hunters to plz stop hunting them down ther nthn feeln proud in killing an animal…u wont b proved men by killing tigers they are actully spcial to our country plz stop killing n start feeding…plz
    it feels so so nyc wen we hear their voice….wen we c them by any chance in safari…last few left plz dnt make them least….
    help is a call… this problem if 1 cnt help he or she should not promote this activity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. Dear All,

    Now what is the next step? How do we ensure that we use this coming together of all of us to the maximum advantage, so as to pressurise the right authorities to really ensure the well being of the tigers?

    Lets act fassssssssssst, or else by the time we decide, it will be ‘1400 tigers only’left!!

    1. @Prashanti Jamadar

      Like we suggested in a post – let’s plant trees and plant lots and lots of them. Start from the edge of the jungles towards habitations. You can form teams and also assist the local forest rangers in their afforestation efforts. We have personally seen the positive effects of afforestation in areas as small as 10 square kilometers, so much so that the forested patches would get rain while the deforested surroundings remained dry.

  294. Finally, the time comes when we are respecting our nature and its ingredients i.e the animals,plants etc.Its a good upportunity for all of us to make such a environment by helping the creatures to live more.Remember, a noble death always satisfies you more than other ones.So enjoy it by saving the lives,specially tigers.Respect nature,respect the planet……..

    BY-Mayur jain

  295. congratulation….. u r doing a great JOB. As Tiger is our national animal its our responsibility to protect them…what we can do to save tigers?

  296. Put more and more adds in Tv channels let people view , think and come together to save NATURE AND TIGERS.

  297. Good job guys ..weell done tell us in case u require any suppport with regarsd to save our animals


    ;;;;;;;;;;;I AM HAPPY TO JOIN THIS;;;;;;;;;;

  300. I am really proud to hear this project… its my duty to save tigers…. all the very best….

  301. Hi Team,

    i have been seen advertisement and i think we have to do something to save tigers.And if nothing can be done at this time than this time is no far when India has lost all tigers.As Indian I am with you to save tiger project to encourage you n also support to your work.

    I think we have to be strick on the rules which are being for hunting Tigers.Because at that time Tigers are killed for its nail, its spotted skin.And they are used for fashion…….
    But think for our wealth of tigers before fashion….and join the SAVE TIGERS Project.

    If dnt at that time then its to be late…….

  302. who the hell are those idiots who kill tigers stop killing them and now they are realising the tigers are getting extinct where were they first .government has to take some serious action against them well i guess this much is enough i am with all of the people who want to save the tigers

  303. when i saw the add i was most happiest on this project
    its a great job guys its i really feel bad that we r left with only some off them in world thank u very much too take this step

  304. ?????? ???????? ???? ?? ??? ???????. I will email the reply to your query regarding the plugin.

    Congrats and Good Luck for this great project.

  305. Hello All,

    I have the Aricel intitative ad in T.V for many time only 1,411 tigers are there in entire india so please save the tiger and don’t harm them because it is also a living creatures like us so let try to save the tiger and provide a peaceful life to live in this world

  306. i am also with your initiative. that’s very good work for save our national animal. told me something that can i do for those.

  307. We have to join hands to protect tigers in india. Now we and the gov have responseabilty to do as quick as possible. Every seconds we loosing the natural habitate and animals in india. Our gov have to take a sever action on hunters, deforeststation is the biggest problem in our india. The trees are cut down for woods and agriculture. Not use of wiriting this msg again and again in web, bolg and sms. We have to do something. We loosing our national animal. I glade to write this


    1. @Amanpreet Singh Grover

      Please follow our tag/category/posts related to “things to do”, “what to do” etc.

  309. Written enough on this.
    Its only wish that the people, who are directly responsible in culling animal population and are directly the reason for destruction of animal population and animal habitat, read this blog and messages by so many, understand the concern from so many people and try to change their attitude and stop the killing. Also people who are fond of animal products and buy them to achieve fake benefits out of animal products also should change their attitude. Unless the people who are in action realize this and stop their activities, I think we will be throwing the stone in the dark which may not yield the desired result.

    Also the government should be strong enough to stop people from occupying forest lands and should have strong implementation of rules to stop such people from encroaching the forest lands. Also should enforce the ban on trading animal products in international market, particularly Far East countries. Why not they impost strong punishments and huge penalty on people who are caught in action trading with animal products.

    We individuals can only blog and then forget this issue until next one arrives. I am tired of talking all about this. I did this for so many years since 1996 in the then available forums but yielded no result so far. Only saw that the tigers and other animal population has drastically come down. Leave alone the tigers, what about the majestic elephants, the leopards, the wild dogs, the deer species and many others..

    Good job guys – Save Tigers campaign. I only wish success come our way in saving the animals and the forests from the dangerous hands of greedy human.

    P G Rangarajan, Chennai.

  310. friends..
    nice job…
    only 1411 tigers are lift in our country …itis a very shame full for us.
    we can hands together to fight protect our tigers and say “save tigers”


  311. Dear all,
    So finally all of us have realized that big cats are in real trouble and if something is not done soon; things we go out of our control. Before ages People always had a problem with tigers as they used to kill us, then after people started hunting them. And finally all of us are here wanting to save. I pity these mighty cats that even they are struggling for their own existence. May god bless them and let them and they have a strength to fight and they have a long life.

  312. Hiiii!!! It is very good to see that we started thinking for the survival of our national animal………they need same protection and caring as our kids need…………this type of response is shown by our citizen in past few days………… is good to see this type of effort….if we continue with this type of effort the number of tiger will increase from 1411 to 141100…and this big cat will survive for long time………….because our effort is much more important than government effort because we people can reach to any place not our govt…….so this is time to put everything to save our national animal………….as well as other animal which is on the position of extinct.
    Thank you……

  313. its not the time to just think on……………………..!
    some activities are required …..
    save our tigers …they are our pride
    thanks …………

  314. oh god plz help them.they are our tigers but we don’t understand the importance of our national animal.we are educated but we are hand less,speach less or blind.why we are not educating the villagers about the our national animal.what we are giving to our next generation.they really need our help so plz get up come out from ur house and say we love tigers we have to save our national animal but question is How?

  315. hi as a human being it’s our responcibility to save our national animal ie. tiger
    we have to alwayz folow live n let live plzzzzzzzzzzzzz save animals 4m getting
    extinguish let our future generation njoy the nature as we did it is all in our hand to take further step’s

  316. @Himashu Shekhar Dutta

    Don’t write English words in Hindi script. The transliteration facility is for writing Hindi words in English script which will then get converted to Hindi script. For example if you want to write ???? ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ???????? ?? you should press Ctrl+G and type “bharat mein taigars ki sthithi chintajanak hai”.

  317. hey guys it’s our national animal so we all know that how to save our own property
    so i please beg please please……………save our tigers they are really pillars of our country as well as our pride as they make us courageous and fearless.

  318. im arun tigers are one of our main symbol of our nation . this act is really appreciateable thing .my support always for it please dont waste the time all students give your support hold your hands with us thk u……………..

  319. hi i ravindra pusam
    i belongs to adivasi community and i think that i know about jungle more
    tiger killer are those people who r near to that jungle but tiger buyer r those people who r away fron jungle and they r rich.
    gps belt for each tiger will be the best idea to save our national animal

  320. Dear Admin,,

    Apart from receiving messages from many of our citizens, I personally request you to update us about the initiatives taken and the results achieved on your SAVE TIGER campaign. Is there any significant result achieved? If so to what extent? (Your got our mail id for sending updates). This will add interest on people and will encourage them to take active part as far as they can.

    As an organization, SAVE TIGERS campaign should be taken up to higher levels and to the Ministry as well to represent this issue in a very strong way. Should hi-lite the issues on laying the road on this section and how it would affect the animal population and animal movement and how it would help the poachers to use that as an escape route after done with their poaching. Should insist and emphasize the concerned department and ask for the action taken report. We have got the Rights for Information. You can ask for the details under this.

    SAVE TIGERS campaign should not stop from just collecting messages from the readers and publish them on web. A detailed field work need be made to educate the villagers situated at the edge of forests. Light should be thrown on subjects like using of animal products and should discourage people from using such products for fancy needs.

    All these things, as an individual, nobody can do but as an organization and having started a campaign, you can do.

    Please do it, else mankind will perish along with the wildlife.

    P G Rangarajan

    1. @PG Rangarajan

      Thank you for your comments. We agree with what you say and this is a first step in that direction. At the moment we are trying to mobilize as big a group as possible of conservation enthusiasts.

  321. please all of you, blog as much, as many times to spread the thought which transforms into action. this is our last chance to save the mighty cat.

  322. yes we have to take a serious decision .i am studying in class viii and i have to be very proud that i am also a part of save our tigers.

  323. hi! dis is rakesh from andhra pradesh.
    i am really very sad to know that our national animal is in danger!
    and its only the responsibility of every indian to save our precious animal wealth.I request the govt. to please take some severe actions in overtaking this disaster of our tigers extinction! i also call up all the indians to take a big responsible role in doing this!! I thank aircel n co partners of this website publishers for making everyone participate in this great role!! thank you!!

    1. @Rakesh kumar

      Please read the page “About Us”. We are not associated with aircel or any other company.

  324. Hi all,
    First and foremost, a salute to this great initiative…
    It’s a terrific forum for people to get together and and voice their opinions.. However, the one concern which I have is, how does all this help in saving the tiger?
    ‘Save the tiger’ is a slogan which I have been hearing for eons now, the only constant being the steady decline in the number of tigers everytime a campaign comes out and the difference being in the platforms used to mobilize public opinion.
    How does our expressing our anguish here help? Is there any authority out there listening to all this?
    Or will it be that, the next time a campaign comes out, the number of tigers dwindled to , say 411?
    Hope to see some actionable consequence out of this noble endeavor..
    Hope that a future campaign will cite the success of this initiative and reinforce that tigers are still very much a part of our world..


  325. hi everyone….this is realy great that so many of u have taken an initiative to write something about tigers and there preservation.i am n animal lover,n i dont only feel this way for tigers but for every other animal.but here the issue is tiger,so i am going to give my view points on this issue.basicaly m realy upset with humans,who call them social.its contradictory,but i find humans more barbaric than any other in the animal kingdom.

    Tiger saving projects have become mockery.government completely failed in its plans.the basic problem is lack of knowledge n examples.yet in india,most of the ppl r concerned mostly abt there own lifestyle,not even humanity.cuz if they were thinking abt humanity then they wouldnt b doing this harm to nature.afterall everything needs to b balanced.humans r onnly thinking abt themselves,not realizing that they also need other animals in the world for survival.recently death rates in natural calamities hav increased to such n extent,n this is just becuz of imbalanced world.

    Humans r destroying food chains,thereby disrupting life style of other section of animals.recently v do get news that tiger was seen in a village,tiger entered human locality n so on.but hav any1 thought that the tiger have not entered the village,rather the village was being set up inside a who will allow a stranger in there home.growing population of humans will b the ultimate cuz of there ownself being extinct.

    Mostly during the above cases,the tigers r bitten to isnt that barbaric.attacking n helpless,tired,hungry animal,who knows that death is bound to cum.I mention hungry cuz,humans r entering the fores n they r absorbing foods that r essential for tigers.we dont get to c as many deers that our fathers used to c.this is cuz the deers r being hunted down by humans for what will the tigewr do???????recently an aad gives a tag “Root of all violence is HUNGER”.so is it the tigers fault.v,the humans,the social animals,what r v then???v r worse,worse that could b possible.v r not only depriving a better life for our upcoming generation,but at the same time v r killing every other form of life,n mean it when i say every other form of life.
    The tragic part is even the government is waiting for i dont know what….i m from W.B.let me give u few recent instance-if any1 can get a statistic,they will find out that so many tigers were killed due to manhandling of trained professional.rescue operations for tiger seems to b killing more tigers than poachers.can u blive,when a tiger fell down a pit,somewhere in W.B.,the only effort to save it was done by pulling her up by rope strangled around her the time she made it out the pit,she who is blamed for it????lets change the scenario n put human child in place of the tiger,what would it feel????there would hav been ppl from so many diff places,political leaders,big shots etc etc,giving condolences to the family n mourning over the sad death.even when a child saved from the pit receives 25 lacks,then y would ny1 care about tigers.there r so many tigers who were killed due to over-dosage of tranquilizers.what was there fault who died due to human negligence?????was any1 punished due to such an act.had it been a patient and a doctor,believe me,it would have been a riot like situation.

    There are shortcomings in so many ways.the tiger saving projects r like those which r made in file n then filed up in some racks.input,i dont know yet what,but output is for sure nothing.

    The poachers have become so daring.they know that they r only going to b punished for few years,so its a risk worth taking.y cant there b certain examples of capital punishment for those who deal with something like this.afterall its a life thats being snatched away for own pleasure.Few years back,a rapist was hanged to death for raping a girl n then killing her.what,only human sentiment!!!!!then y not for destroying national treasure like tiger.

    I dont know when people r going to learn.I am ashamed due to so called humanity.its really hard at times believing the number of tigers that r left,just due to our negligence.v need strong organisation,strong government,who cares,for nature,for world,who can distinguish between wrong n right.v dont need vote-banking like e-banking,making public sentiments a big issue.

  326. I am very happy that people have started thinking about our national animal . WE WON’T LET IT EXTINCT. I am a scul student n very happy to join dis campaign and have stareted making my friends aware of this.

  327. ????? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ??????? ??? ???? ?? ,?? ??? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ????? ?? ! ????? ??????? ?? ?????? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ??,??? ????????? ????? ?? ? ?????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ! ????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ? ??? ? ???? ?? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?? ????…?? ???? …….

  328. Its Very shame that our national animal is getting lesser….Nw our country has been wake up….It feel very happy that some of the gr8 organizations are thinking about the TIGERS..please save our TIGERS…………..

  329. I hope that they will do something about that. Tigers are great animals, especially Siberian tigers, which are also the largest species of cats in world.It would be a shamed to disappear.

  330. Hi,it’s Vijay from Tiger city Sawai madhopur,Ranthambhore. It’s a great effort to save tigers and to aware people of India. In my opinion, villagers are not educated in a good manner how to save tigers. They need to educate what are the ways they can contribute to save this rare wild animal. Forest officers are also responsible for killing of tigers. Actually we all need to make strict rules for follow them. I wish all the best to this campaign.

    1. @Aditya.j

      Please check the post/tag “what to do”. You may also spread awareness amongst your friends, peers, family members and join boards, forums, discussions about save tigers and saving nature. Go to the nearest tiger reserve and/or national park and interact with the ground staff and local people. Get to know their feelings, ideas and share them on this website.

  331. Hi
    This is jaideep from goa .I love animals very day I had a religous trip with my family in karnataka state close to mangalore city in the village name kollour there is a old tenple name mookambika temple. we finish our religous activity in morning & so we went on for shopping at the near by stalls .I saw a man sitting with his open stall with some old type ornaments .Seeing the ornaments my eyes saw some nails I ask the man what is this he replyed this are the nails of tiger 2 nails for Rs500
    I ask him are they orignal? he replyed yes .I told him killing tiger is an offence he replyed I am not the killer I am just a seller .he said want to see some interesting thing he just bowed down opened his bag & took punch of nails attched with the wrist.I tried to take a snap of the punch but the man refused it .one intresting thing was that only a five mts ahead there was a police station inspite of that people are openly selling this kind of things which are strickly banned by the law & the law fowllers are himself breaking the law.As a citizen of india to save our national animal is my duty .Writing to NDTV will help them to trap the place & make a step ahead in their mission save tigers

    1. @Alyona

      Thank you for the generosity. This website is not looking for donations at the moment. You may send donation to the nearest chapter/branch of WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Some time later we will be running save tigers contest – you can sponsor some of the prizes at that time.


  332. Tiger, Tiger!
    By Prof. Ashok Tiwari

    Tiger, tiger, burning bright!
    Dreadful is your present plight!


  333. The king of the jungle and the national animal of India tigers the tiger are most popular and we must save them not killing them but feeding them

  334. the king of forest and our atmosphear is dependent each other, so tiger are not killing and undersdand the requirement of atmoshphere,
    i am very happy& thanks amitabh bachchan

  335. plz v hav 2 do something its our national animal lets not make it to dissapear…….not only through these blogs also.hav 2 do something worthful..or its a shame for us..

  336. You are doing a grate job, even I would like to make a contribution.
    I totally protest these cruelty acts of human.

  337. save tigers other wise there will be no national animal for India. we have to save it and protect it from the people who are trying to kill it. In fact in our whole world there are few tigers left. we have to protect tigers.

  338. hi,
    my name is saloni singh and this time i am proud that i have get a chance to show my views on the one of the most popular issue “SAVE TIGER”.i am an indian and i think that not only but all the people of india should take any hard step to stop tiger hunting.i want to say that stop killing tiger they are alos like us and yes if any one want to take step against this issue can go to a wildlife santury and see the smaal cubs playing with their mother then they will feel what is the bad thing they are last i only want to say that “SAVE TIGER”#@ SAVE THE ONE OF THE GREAT PROUDNESS OF OUR NATION AND OUR MOTHER ::::EARTH:::::

  339. HELLO!

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