Tweet for the Sparrow!

Today, March 20 is observed as the World House Sparrow Day. Saving Nature is not unrelated to Save Tigers campaign. The vanishing house sparrow is a danger signal. We have become experts in destroying nature every which way we can! So, at least on this ceremonial day, spare a thought for the (not so ubiquitous any more) sparrow.

Here’s a 140 character rhyme, that you can use to Tweet for the Sparrow!

#Sparrow Sparrow, where ave u been?
2 #jungle coz ur city gone clean
No bowl o water, no grain to spare
All concrete n not a patch of #green


2 thoughts on “Tweet for the Sparrow!”

  1. sir,
    as we understand well about the nature we are trying to destroy the habitat, we are not bothering the mother earth, due to increasing population and science and techonology we are becoming experts in production of other material and food grains but the real stakeholders for the food producation are fully forgotten, recently due to fogging of medicine/drugs etc. almost all sparrow died and the egg was not in a possion to maintain longer for hatching the youngone, due to pesticide and insecticide and orhter control hazardus chemicals destroyed the living beings which are not able to adjust with the environment.
    in this respect controlling the chemical in all cultivating field is highly required.
    at least the existing sparrow should be prevented under the safe atmosphere which is really our family member.
    p.ravi kumar
    jnv hothpet,
    shapur taluk
    yadgiri district, karnatka state-585287,
    mobile no 9448219658

  2. ya , we r destroying our nature as we can, it’s most cause of greive that we r irresponsible about our duties toward our earth .but due to some great man or environmentalist .they work hard to save nature and give us some hope to save our beautiful earth,but it’s not enough to protect nature
    we have to done some sacrifice and decrease our consumption.
    so ,
    ” REDUCE

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