Humans are more important than birds?

On a tour to the wildlife sanctuary at Kolleru lake in Andhra Pradesh, the union minister for environment and forests of India stated (source: The Hindu newspaper of 28 February, 2010) – “I don’t see the problem from the environment angle alone. Humans are more important than birds.”

The issue at stake is the reduction of the size of the wildlife sanctuary from present plus 5 contours to plus 3 contours.

Two local members of parliament and even the state government are reported to be pitching for this reduction in wildlife habitat. Pitiful situation indeed!

A final decision would be taken by the central government after a 5-member expert committee submits a report in about 3 months.

Thankfully, the minister recalled that the former chief minister of the state had sought a solution acceptable to all stakeholders.

The Kolleru wildlife sanctuary is a critically important avian habitat and stopover on India’s east coast between Chilika lake up north and Pulicat lake down south.

3 thoughts on “Humans are more important than birds?”

  1. save tigers……………..

    some people killed tiger for money n that money spend for their family but we must save tigers for our country and for whole world. its more important to save tiger then money bcuz we have many option to earn money but we have no option for tiger.

    so please save tiger.

  2. Tigers are the heart of jungle.
    humans are the curse upon jungle.
    Tigers are the symbols of proud.
    human are the symbols of fraud.
    tigers are the name of nature.
    human are the name of hunter.
    so save the tigers nor the hunter.

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